Wolf Therians & Pack

Sometimes I take being Wolf for granted. I’ve been aware of being Wolf since I was about two years old, so it’s pretty much a natural thing for me.

But occasionally something happens that really hits home hard for me. Things that make me remember WHY it is that I decorate my life with lupine imagery, what it is that I’m subconsciously reminding myself of. There’s no single thing that triggers this, and sometimes it’s not always what one would expect would trigger it.

Now, I don’t really know why I’m Wolf. I don’t always hold with reincarnation, but I don’t think it’s just all in my head, either. Maybe it’s totemic; maybe Wolf the Totem, the Animal Master of wolves, gives me sensory “memories” of being a wolf, so I know what it feels/looks/tastes/smells/sounds like. But, nevertheless, I am Wolf.

So tonight Taylor and I were at Barnes and Noble, and I found a copy of a book full of Monty Sloan’s wolf photographs. For those who don’t know, Sloan is one of the premiere photographers of wolves–here’s his site, just to give you an idea.

Looking over the photographs triggered…”memories”, as it were, whether they were literal or not. I miss being Wolf. I want the company of other wolves. Now, granted, real fur-and-fang wolves aren’t going to see me as kin–human scent, human body. But other wolves in human clothing….they know.

The thing is….I can kind of see where some therians are coming from by dividing therians up. I don’t, however, agree with the legitimacy claims. However, somebody who *is* Wolf (or whatever animal), through and through, “tastes” differently, energetically or however, you want to describe it, from someone for whom it is relatively new, at least from my perception. I can get a decent sense of how long someone has been aware of their Wolf from how they “taste”, and also how strongly they identify as that. There’s a difference, when it’s someone who knows the subtle language of body position, and who recognizes the energy signature that, for “real” wolves, is overlaid with the sense of smell we’ll never have.

This doesn’t mean that the newly Awakened can’t “read” strongly as their animal. Some people just seem to have a better understanding of being an animal early on. Others take a while, getting cluttered up with legends and lore and the human interpretation of animals, rather than simply *being* that animal. You can identify as a therian for years, and the concept of *being* that animal is still brand new to you when you encounter it.

Humans don’t always understand wolves, and so myths arise. Wolves don’t howl at the moon–the moon only provides better light to hunt by, which means howling to bring the pack together for a hunt. Wolves don’t romanticize solitude–it’s anathema to us. Wolves don’t just take the sick, or old, or young–wolves will eat whatever they can catch. And, depending on the time of year, wolves may subsist entirely on small game, without the dangers of having one’s head split or ribs crushed by an elk’s hoof, or of being gored by an antler.

It doesn’t have anything to do with whether you look like a wolf, or if you get crazy at the full moon, or if you crave a raw steak. It’s about Pack. It’s about the comfort of others like you, that familiar scent, the brush of fur against fur. It’s knowing your place in the Pack. It’s understanding that your place is as important as any other, that it’s not just about the alphas, whose power comes with the price of their responsibility towards the Pack and keeping it safe. See, the alphas aren’t just alphas because they ripped the shit out of the other wolves. Their decisions determine the health and well-being of the other wolves. A Pack is not a human tyranny, with absolute rule. Alphas are the rulers who know that it is their place to serve those they are in charge of.

And it’s about food, and play, and mating, and pups. The arguments that happen, the occasional fights–those are normal among social animals. Every family has them. It’s no worse than siblings getting testy with each other. Wolves aren’t vicious–we may snap and snarl, but the only violence we participate in is for survival–the hunt, and protection of the territory, and the occasional unfortunate ousting of a wolf who no longer is healthy for the pack, physically or otherwise–either a pup who waited too long to go out on their own, or one who has rabies or another dread disease.

Lone wolves aren’t romantic. If they’re not utterly outcast for being a walking time bomb ready to spread disease, they’re on the lookout for a pack to join, because the Pack is life. You can only go so long on mice and voles and rabbits.

The other thing that some therians, lupine and otherwise, don’t get is–you can’t *create* Pack for yourself. We aren’t wolves fully; most of us don’t have blood relatives who are therians. We can have friends, and partners–but Pack…Pack is something entirely different. Pack is organic, and is made up of wolves, who in this case wear human clothing.

I know if I ever find even one person who I recognize as Pack, who not only resonates as Wolf to me, but also has that unique connection that is Pack–it’s not going to be about who’s Alpha, once we’ve established that neither one is dangerous. It’s going to be about “Oh, gods, it’s been so long since I felt this, it’s been so long since somebody *understood*”. I doubt there will be enough people in my life who fit that criteria for me to experience that more than a couple of times–the chances of even a short-term pack are extremely slim. Pack isn’t just about having a couple of other therians around….it’s about the safety, that security, that knowing exactly where you are in relation to everyone else–and knowing that despite the occasional turmoil, and the other normal bumps in being social, that everything is good, because you have Pack.

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7 Responses to Wolf Therians & Pack

  1. Soren says:

    Hey, i'd like to chat with you. I'm a sister.

  2. Angel D says:

    Hey, I’m Angel. I believe myself a wolf too. If im really not from past life or in spirit, then I know for sure I want to be one. If I had the ability to physically shift, I would use it to protect. Both family n those who need it. I wish I could find the secret to becoming that which I seek. But I worry that if I finally had it, my new responsibilty would cause my failing the responsibilty of my family. Meaning my life would change with this power n at the same time my life consists of working n keeping my job for my family. I’m thinking now that the wolf within would sleep until needed but I would like to go for a run every now and then, to see through wolf eyes n howl for those like me to always remember im not alone in this illusion of a life. Also Im not very religous but I do have my beliefs n I feel like I’m gonna need my wolf spirit to strengthen me n the time of apocolypse. If I ive read anythinh out of the bible it was revalations. N its scary to think that all that is around the corner. its especially looking that way with the choices our government is making little by little everything is coming to. N I fear that I won’t b prepared for wats next. I fear that no one will. Were gonna need to b strong enough to fight off an army, to survive in the shadows keeping our heads dwn while finding food n supplies for our family. if I’m kinda tripping u out with this I’m sorry, I just think we share the same interests n I thought I’d share that last part because I do worry bout wat could b happening, n I fear it that much more becsause I have a family. I have my wife a 2yr old son, and another on its way. Were expecting our second son in about 2-3 weeks. Well let me know wat u think. u know more about therianthropy n shifting than I do for sure, but if its not possible shifting then maybe a pack is exactly wat we need. Something we can use to keep ppl and our families safe n in the right path to make it through the apocslypse and to our fathers arms

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  3. Sal says:

    I know what it feels like. I have known that I'm a wolf for as long as I can remember, but I knew from the start that it was something I had to keep hid. I didn't know what it was, I just knew that I was different and I was a wolf and I couldn't let anyone know – they would reject me. I have been without anyone for so long now, it's awful. I had a "partner" for a while a few years ago, it was only the two of us, but still… it was amazing. We used to actually hunt together, either each other just for play, or small animals. We had a den under a tree in the nearby woods. Then something happened and we… split up. So I've been alone since then, and because of the lack of a pack or just a partner, my wolf feeling has been fading. I don't feel it as strongly anymore, but it comes in waves. There are periods of time when I don't feel anything barely, and then it comes crashing down on me. Like right now. It's so strong right now (it's mainly like this in the winter or the spring), and I don't know what to do. I don't want to just suppress it, I'm sick of that. I want to just let it out and act naturally – to let that part of me come out. It's tough… But you know that.

  4. NightsEternalShadow says:

    Hey I am Also a wolf Therian Please email me id love to chat. Dragonmaster16544@yahoo.com

  5. innerwolf says:

    i know what you mean. im a wolf therian but my wolf (me) is more deeper and conected to me. not like a family member but i am like.. i guess half wolf. this might not make sence to some but anyways…yeah.

  6. DomanicCarson says:

    I know how it feels to feel completely alone. I have always felt and acted canide, relating more to wolves then humans. As I child I felt free to act the way I felt but the human society saw me as a freak which lead to a lot of bullying. I ended up muzzeling myself, my true spirit and needs. Still with friends and family I would yip, grumble and growl. They said I would grow out of it, being a child/teenager/young adult/way is she 25 and still barking at the door? The last few years I've been exploring myself, slowly releasing the creature inside and noting the changes. It's almost like a fantasy talking about this, always thought I was just monster and no one was like me. I didn't know there were people like me out in the world…

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