Why Role-Playing and Real Vampirism Don’t Mix

Throughout the web, you will find many modern vampire sites, and something that is almost universally true about all of these sites, is their dislike and even loathing towards those who role play and play role playing games.

Each site has different reasons for why they prefer to not have any role playing involved with their sites, and our site is no different, we avoid role players for specific reasons. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t dislike or hate role players, at least I don’t, I have no problems with it, it fact it can be an enjoyable hobby. What I do have a problem with is people who cannot discern reality from fantasy and begin to believe their role playing game is real.

My story starts almost 4 years ago, I had recently moved from Baltimore, Maryland, down to the Washington, D.C. metro region and was staying with an associate. I attended a local Science Fiction/Fantasy convention with the associate and his girlfriend with little/no choice. It was at this convention I met OrthaeVelve, and a few other people.

Now I’ve never been part of the vampire community as a whole though I’ve known of it for years, and I had role played on and off as something to do for fun for a few years having been introduced about 2 years prior to the game. When I first met OrthaeVelve, and a few other people who were part of what was considered at the time to be the “DC Council”, I was convinced it was nothing more then a freeform RPG game.

The first night of the convention I was introduced to a gentleman named L, I had met this person before when visiting D.C. a few months prior, and even though I remembered him, he had no recollection of me. I was introduced to L and was told he was the “Prince” of D.C.. Even more ammo on my idea that this was nothing more then an elaborate LARP. It was all fine with me, I hadn’t wanted to go to the convention, I didn’t really know anyone and had little else to do, so I spent the weekend playing in what I thought was a game.

Several weeks later however at a local club I would find out that this was quite to the contrary and the complete opposite of what I thought. Scarily enough these people were convinced they were vampires of specific clans from White Wolf’s Vampire the Masquerade game, and the “prince” was convinced he was the incarnation of the goddess Tiamat, amoung many other things.

A few of the people involved, came across as more or less forced into the “game” to me, namely OrthaeVelve, B, and a few others I will not name. I took time and effort to talk sense into Orthae, and Bane, and the others, convinced them that they didn’t need to follow l, that he was nothing more then a bully. He had apparently used threats of bodily harm, extortion, blackmail, and many of underhanded methods to make sure no one else ruined his fantasy world.

Now he had no such thing on me, and frankly the idea of seeing him extort, hurt, and otherwise defame people he had no right to hurt picked a nerve inside me. At that point it became my own personal crusade to make sure l stood for his misactions.

I claimed friendship to him, and played the game for a little over two years, getting the information I needed, and getting close enough to him to be able to ruin his hold in one fel swoop. After 2 years of investigation I came upon quite a bit of information about the “prince”, including:

  • a past relationship with a drug dealer who was currently in jail.
  • lies about previous military service and being a Navy Seal.
  • false statements of previous work, included claims to have been an EMT with no such certifications.
  • accusations which were filed with police of rape, lack of physical evidence and fear of the part of the victim kept further charges at bay
  • and many many other things

I made my move, and offically declared this information to everyone involved. When this information surfaced L called for a “bloodhunt” and made several threats of bodily and personal harm against myself, Orthae, and B. None of us took him seriously, and most of the “Council” at that point broke from him, lacking fear of retribution since there was proof now that L wasn’t a Navy Seal, or any of the things he claimed. A few however remained and still do remain with L in what can only be described as a cult.

Months went by with no contact from L or his “minions”. Almost 8 months in fact before he showed up at Nation looking for Orthae, who at the time was working there, and I was working there part time. Fearing a violent incident at the club, and fearing for our own personal safety we informed the GM, and L, and his friends were removed from the club and permanently banned from entrance.

L at this point I believe finally took the whole situation seriously and no longer a game. We had reported him to the police for his actions in case he did try anything, and to be banned from the largest and most popular club in D.C. was a bit painful for him.

In response to his ban we received the following e-mail:

—– Original Message —–
From: L
To: [removed]
Sent: Friday, March 29, 2002 11:31 PM
Subject: [DCCouncil] Elysium has been broken.

The Elysium has been broken at Nation due to the acts of the following people:

R aka [removed]
C aka [removed]

Both of these individuals may expect to be summoned to court in the following year to face a civil lawsuit for the following offenses:

1.) Libel
2.) Slander
3.) Defamation of character
4.) False accusation

The summons shall be delivered to thier respective places of Employment. In the case of R, that shall be the club Nation. In the case of C that shall be the firm known as [removed]. Due to the serious nature of the cases that will be brought against these individuals, it would not surprise me for the one known as C to lose her security license and her security classifications. But that is the price one pays for the above mentioned crimes.

The fact that the above mentioned individuals saw fit to use civilian aganecies to take out thier fantasy that they had been threatened with bodily harm etc has freed my hands to do the same. Unlike thier attempts to do harm, and or propogate said upon my person. Further, I am no longer upholding the Elysium on the night club named Nation in Washington, District of Columbia. The only people that are not to be touched in the club are the Bartenders, Barbacks, or anyone that is not associated with security, the operations of public toxicology, and the individuals that frequent the place for social and recreational use.

By my hand and order,

Prince of DC,
Eldest of the Councils of Tiberious

At this time the letter was shown to the police, and to the club owner, his ban was solidified after making direct threats against the club staff. As for his threats of civil lawsuits, it has been well over a year since this all happened and no civil cases have ever been brought against us.

For all his claims of being a Navy Seal, having contacts with the local police, and the ear of the police chief of D.C. it is amazing how he was incapable of doing anything that truely bared any solidity. A case of a dog that is all bark with no bite.

In the recent months we have received overtures of wanting to make amends from his camp, but will stick to our guns, and will continue to not communicate with him or his. Any of his followers who wish to seek asylum from his violence, bullying, and machinations are more then welcome to come to us for aid. We will direct you in the proper direction to seek aid from the police, or to cut your ties with him.

As I stated, while we have no issues with RPG games, we prefer to seperate reality and fiction. You will not find any elysiums, princes, enforcers, blood hunters, or other such nonsense here. We welcome all to come to us for aid, we ask for nothing in return. We offer membership to those who would like to be part of the House, but do not force it.

There is no camarilla, there is no sabbat, there is no war with the garou, this is all fiction created by the makers of White Wolf for their World of Darkness game.

This article is copyright © its original author. Please do not redistribute or reproduce without the expressed permission of the author. Names have been changed or removed.

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