Vampyrism and the Walking of Paths

The purpose of this writing is to discuss the vampyric condition and its relation to spirituality. It would seem self evident that vampyrism is a condition of the spirit/soul/Qi or whatever you wish to call it. Some would suggest a physical reason for vampyrism and there are documented medical conditions that would suggest vampyric behavior, but those patients are clearly not vampyres. That debate, however, is for another time. Regarding spirituality, it would seem that there is a fair amount of pressure in the community at large to drive those who are vampyres to embrace the left hand path regardless of the individual’s personal belief systems. The right hand path is not necessarily looked down upon, but is generally felt to be the weaker of the paths in relation to vampyrism.

Most houses and the community at large seem to embrace some form of spiritual practice in relation to vampyrism. The vampyric condition does lend itself well to the practice of the occult and/or magic. Vampyres are predisposed to energy manipulation by virtue of their need to draw upon external energy sources to supplement their supply. Much of magical practice relies on the manipulation of energy in combination with will and focus. Thus, it is clear why vampyres have a natural inclination toward occult practice. However, does that mean that a vampyre must choose the left hand path? Does that mean a vampyre must choose a path at all?

My personal feeling is that a path is not required at all. Vampyrism is merely a condition, primarily of the spirit. The essence of the vampyre is contained in the mind and soul. It is the touch of the Dragon upon the mindscape of the individual. It is the requirement of supplemental energy to maintain the quality of life, by whatever means the vampyre can manifest it (Qigong, Sanguine methods, drawing upon the elements, drawing from nature, magical means, communion, etc.). Where in the vampyric condition does it suggests that any path is required? A vampyre can be very powerful without ever choosing a side.

This brings to the fore, why so much pressure to be left hand path? I feel that this is fallout because of the darker nature of the vampyre. The vampyre is highly tuned to their primal nature. This is the instinctual nature of the human long suppressed since humanity walked into the age of reason. The vampyre feels this nature within them and this nature has dark urgings. However, with practice, this can be tamed and brought into balance with our every day lives (twilight). The darkness of the vampyre often predisposes those who embrace it to follow the left hand path. The vampyre itself attracts primarily those who would instinctually follow the left hand path. Thus, it would be expected that the vampyre community be predominantly populated by left hand path followers. Though this may be the case, it should not be assumed that those who choose no path or those who choose to follow a right hand path are weaker somehow or in the wrong. These paths hold vampyres just as strong and just as legitimate as the left hand path.

Why can a vampyre not follow a Christian path? Why not A Jewish or Islamic one? Is there a reason that this vampyre could not contribute to the community? Is there some fatal flaw in this vampyre? Is there some reason that this situation would be impossible or that the vampyre’s choice of path would somehow limit their skills or abilities?

To force or pressure vampyres who do not choose the common path is akin to discrimination. It should not be tolerated. The vampyre community is not large enough, strong enough, or united enough to sustain this type of energy, which will only serve as a cancer in the community.

Each house has its given right to put forth its prospectus in which its beliefs and philosophies are put forth. If it is clear that members are expected to follow a particular belief system (LHP, RHP, other) then it behooves the prospective member to weigh clearly what this means. However, many houses do not suggest that a particular path is required, yet pressure a left hand path. This follows for individual vampyre community members as well.

It is not my intention to suggest that the left hand path is wrong, or those who follow this path are somehow wrong. What I am suggesting is that all vampyres be given the right to choose their own way and not be looked at any differently because of that choice. We all must live in the community together and the community can only be stronger if we live in peace.

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