Vampyric Essence

This particular piece is not intended as a full treatment on my ideas and feelings about this topic. I have a long way to go regarding the interpretation of this meaning in my subjective view. However, as I have always felt, it is my preference to let others know where I am and the thoughts I have to weigh against theirs. This is neither for my own piece of mind, nor for information pumping, nor to sway opinion. It is my way of observing my own journey and for others to share in it and keep me honest about where I have been and am going.

There are a lot of theories about how we came to be what we feel we are. Those of us who honestly feel we are vampyres have a great number of ideas as to how this occurred. These ideas range from some genetic anomaly which came either from a recent mutation to some vampyric hereditary line, mystical reasons, reincarnation from some past life as a vampyre, somehow turned in some fashion, to the mundane psychological reasons, or I ate a bad piece of meat. None of these I find reasonable with the exception of the psychological or mystical.

The idea of some genetic anomaly or other physical reason I have difficulty with for the mere fact that medical science is very vast and highly knowledgeable in this day. They have mapped human DNA to name one incredible feat. It would seem to me that a medical reason for this, should there have been one, has a high probability of being found. I do not, at this time, adhere to reincarnation, thus I can’t, in unbiased fashion, address this idea. Those who are fascinated with vampire movies, books, the aesthetic, eternal life/youth will naturally be drawn to the vampyre archetype and if they invest enough of themselves to this, they can get lost in the psychology of the mind. This will lead, for some, to lying to themselves about what they are and in worst case scenarios, they will become firm and wholehearted believers in their condition, though it is only fantasy. As to the bad piece of meat theory, well, I will leave that one to the reader.

My current train of thinking as I go through my own, internal journey, at this time is that we who are vampyres in our own subjective universes are tied into the vampyric essence. It is this connection that makes us what we are. Let me see if I can explain this concept a little more clearly.

The power of the human mind is far greater than most people, especially the scientific community, give it credit for. The philosophical crowd can’t even begin to agree on what it even is or its state of existence. However, research in the more obscure periodicals and books indicate that it has far greater implications than we can imagine. It is akin, I would think, to trying to get your mind around the concept of infinity. Throughout recorded human history and across cultures the legend of the vampire has been present. This belief has caused the creation of the vampyre archetype. Over time, the power of the archetype has grown into what we see today. The power of the vampyre is evident in the number of books, television shows, movies, and its proliferation across the internet. This archetype, or essence, runs like a metaphysical river in the field consciousness of humanity.

It is not sufficient to say that you believe in the power of the vampyre, or that you love them and wish to be one, or that you feel it. When the depth of your subconscious mind swims in the river, there is something different about it. It fosters a kinship to the archetype. It imbues the individual with a characteristic, personality, desire, complexity, and raw energy that comes from the essence. It is an unmistakable presence. It is not something that can be faked.

How does one achieve this state? I think it comes in part from a natural inclination, but also through self actualization. The vampyre must get in tune with their inner self and once there allow the inner self to seek and find this archetypal essence. Each will feel it differently, but the result of touching it is unmistakable and evident.

This is merely a brief on my current line of thought. It is my own and has no actual bearing on the direction of any community or any other individual. Think of it as the raging of a single mind trying to find its place.

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