Vampires vs. Werewolves (Fact & Fiction)

With the advent of such movies as Underworld & Underworld: Evolution, the people outside of our community again seem to think that we must obviously be fighting some unending war against the werewolves. The reality however is again, nothing like fiction, but there are those within the community who continually perpetrate this story. The idea that because vampires take energy or blood, and thus life from donors and others means that we are inherently at odds with werewolves who love life and nature.

Take it from someone who is a psi and spends every night with a wolf therian, while we both enjoy our play fighting, we’re not at war, or the Romeo and Juliet of the therian/vampire otherkin community. Wolf therians are not guardians of life, nature, or Gaia, anyone who tells you that needs to put down their Werewolf Players Guide from White Wolf. While wolf therians, and any therian for that matter can love and enjoy nature, so can vampires, many in fact thoroughly enjoy working with and being in natural settings. I find that the greatest recharge often comes from being far away from the city and other people reconnected with nature.

Wolf therians, and otherkin are also not brutal, or excessively violent, no more so then a vampire or a person for that matter can be. They don’t suddenly go on rampages craving cheerleaders and violence as Hollywood movies often depict. We’re all humans, none of us are any more eloquent, violent, or brutal then another person unless we want to be. People in the vampire community have no place to point fingers at the therians, we’re in the same boat. The difference being, we need energy, and they need help understanding themselves and why they feel differently from everyone else, or feel like they’re inside of the wrong body. But fundamentally we’re both vastly misunderstood by the world at large and by each other. And this goes likewise for the therian and otherkin communities mis characterizing the vampire community.

By nature wolves are not solitary, evil, vicious, ravenous slobbering beasts with an insatiable appetite for human flesh, they’re intelligent, pack centered creatures that in many places have come close to extinction due to humans killing them based on misinformation and misplaced fears. There are no documented cases of wolves killing humans in the United States, in fact you’re more likely to be attacked by your pet dog then a wolf. So it would go to say that a therian that identifies with the wolf would take on the traits of a true wolf, not the Hollywood stereotype.

Wolves are caring, community oriented creatures, pregnant wolves, and nursing wolves are often brought food by other wolves to feed her while she carries and cares for the young. Female wolves often compete against each other for a chance to care for young pups, whether they are biologically their own or not. Wolves enjoying playing with their pack makes, tumbling, wrestling with jaws and forelimbs, muzzling, licking and running. Doesn’t sound much like a ravenous blood thirsty creature portrayed by Hollywood.


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2 Responses to Vampires vs. Werewolves (Fact & Fiction)

  1. Leto Lycian says:

    I'm a PSI Vampyre who has a black wolf totem. Our natures work well together.

  2. DC/DO Death says:

    I find this information quite interesting, and though I have never seen a real werewolf or vampire and I am slightly discouraged that they actually exist, the way you used the I-form in the text gave me some hope. :D Since I haven't been interested in vampires and werewolves for long, I have no idea what half of the terms in the text meant but I'll look them up as soon as I write this (which as you're reading this I have probably already done).
    One thing I didn't like though is that you did not stick to the topic and instead of talking about both vampires and werewolves, you put the spotlight on werewolves, probably because your research on them is more thorough. On the other hand this con can easily be overlooked thanks to the nicely written article and the interesting general and specific topics. Well done! :)

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