The Possible Evolution of the Psi-Vampyre

I noted a question in the article, “My Newer Genetics Theory on the Origins of Vampirism” by Raven Orthaevelve that I thought I would make an attempt to answer. The value of the answer, of course, will be dependent upon the reader and their own instilled beliefs.

The question was as follows:

Perhaps psivamps are a bit more advanced or descended from the shamans of ancient times. I have read that psivamps often drastically change their diet…perhaps that helps make up for not drinking blood. Or perhaps they have evolved to the point where they can use energy to actually transmute food into what they need. I haven’t really touched on this much in my studies, as I have no experience in that area. Any ideas?

Are Psi-Vampyres more Advanced 

To address the first part of this, are psi-vampyres more advanced or descended from shamans of ancient times, I will say that evidence suggests to me that it is less to do with being more advanced than it does with being inconspicuous.

Before mankind became civilized, it was much easier for a vampyre to get away with feeding on blood. Assuming vampyres have existed as long as humans have, during hunter-gatherer times, vampyre activity would hardly be noticed. Homicide was unheard of; there was no fear of the repercussions or morality of this behavior because it was a time of self-survival.

As time moved on and society became more social and laws became required to allow for humans to cohabitate, sanguine activity would naturally become more difficult to sustain. Philosophical ideals, morality, and the institution of law would punish behavior seen as ‘different’, which vampyrism would certainly qualify as. Granted, up until recent times with the creation of investigative task forces and crime labs, it would still be possible for sanguine vampyres (of the extreme variety) to exist and continue their activity and possibly not get caught, but most would be required to move underground.

Humans mutate and evolve in conjunction with their environment and genetics. Because of societal changes, I think that vampyrism evolved as well to include psi-vampyrism. Ultimately, it is the requirement for supplemental energy that drives a vampyre and their hunger. Thus, so long as this requirement is satiated, the vampyre can use whatever means necessary. It is my feeling that vampyres discovered a way to draw energy directly from another without the required ingestion of blood. This drawing of energy can come directly from the blood or from the energy field surrounding the target or from whatever the vampyre believes is the greatest store of energy in the target in question. Thus, we have the birth of the psi-vampyre. This was born from a need to remain in the shadows, yet sustain their existence.

Does this make the psi-vampyre more advanced? No, I do not think so. The psi-vampyre is still, fundamentally the same. It may be that they are more gifted psychically or at energy manipulation because that is the means by which they feed, but that does not equate to being more advanced. As an aside, I also believe that each human possesses an innate psychic talent. There has been a great deal of scientific research done by respectable institutions such as P.E.A.R labs, The Boundary Institute, The Parapsychological Association, and the Institute of Noetic Sciences regarding paranormal abilities. Their findings have been well documented in research papers for those interested in pursuing further information.

Psi-Vampyres from Shamans 

I have heard this particular theory bandied about from time to time. I do not know how much stock I put in it, though I cannot say it is any less viable than other theories. In order for this to happen, in my opinion, one of two things would need to occur. The first would be magic directed at the goal of becoming a vampyre or magic gone awry. The second would be that shamans worked so much with energy that their natural system became altered.

The first scenario of shaman’s practicing magic to purposefully create the condition of vampyrism seems unlikely to me. I cannot imagine a scenario where this would be a desired outcome. It is akin to saying, “I think I would like to be in a state where I must consume energy from an outside source in order to feel healthy and whole.” Why would a shaman wish to do this to themselves? I can see that only as a curse and a curse would be rendered on an individual or family. The alternative explanation of this particular scenario would be that the shaman was practicing some magic to be performed on themselves that went awry or had unforeseen consequences of vampyrism.

The second and more possible would be that the shaman’s practice of energetic manipulation caused an alteration in their system bringing on vampyrism. Vampyrism, being a condition in which insufficient energy is created in the body, could be caused by utilizing more energy than a person can naturally manufacture. If the shamans were practicing a great deal of magic and releasing a lot of energy over extended periods of time, their bodies may have compensated for this by becoming psi-vampyres. In the beginning, it may have been a temporary state, but continuing the practice of magic over time may have caused a permanent alteration.

This is speculation, but plausible.

Psi-Vampyres and Diet 

I can’t really comment upon dietary requirements of psi-vampyres. I have not made it a point to be aware of dietary changes of other psi-vampyres. I can say that I did not note a distinct change in what I eat. I have always been a bit of a carnivore, desiring meat above all else and shunning vegetables. I have noted that I do not require as much food as I used to, yet I do not seem to be losing body mass or energy as a result. I do not believe I have undergone any metabolic changes either.

Is it possible that psi-vampyres have learned a technique that allows them to get the energy they need from food unlike sanguines who have to have blood? No. The psi-vampyre still requires supplemental energy with or without the eating of food. Without the additional energy brought on through feeding, the psi-vampyre will, over time, suffer the lethargy and hunger that all vampyres eventually feel. Some take longer than others to get to that point, as a result of the amount of natural energy they are able to produce, but all will eventually reach that state.

The Theory of Psi or Sanguine 

I was not going to put my theory forth of natural vampyric inclination, but this article seems as good a place to put it as any other. Further, it fits, in that it discusses psi-vampyrism and sanguine vampyres and why they must feed in the manner that they do.

I will posit my assumption first. Vampyres, by their nature, require supplemental energy as their own bodies cannot sufficiently produce enough energy to carry on a normal life without it. The rational of whether this is physical, mental, or spiritual is irrelevant. Thus, the requirement for normalcy is energy.

It is accepted that there are basically two types of vampyres (I am not counting hybrids, which is a matter for another time), the sanguine and the psi-vampyre. We, from the assumption, know that they both require energy; it is a question of how to get it. The sanguine gets this through the ingestion of blood and the psi-vampyre takes it directly from the target. How do they come about their methods?

It is my belief that the vampyre’s body has a natural or instinctive method to which it is inclined. A sanguine’s predisposition is to get its sustenance through blood. Its body naturally and efficiently processes the additional energy it needs through ingestion of blood. To attempt to take it through some psychic means would be less efficient, if successful at all. The body, in order to maximize its potential, will take the course of least resistance. This is also why I do not adhere to the theory of hybrids. It is unlikely that they are equally as efficient at processing the required energy through both means. Most, if you ask, will say that they have a natural inclination one way or another, but can use both means. However, when push comes to shove, one method will be far more common.


It is my hope that this will bring thoughtful speculation on the condition of psi-vampyrism and the development of feeding methods and inclinations. It should be apparent that there is little actual scientific research being done on this condition to either prove or disprove its validity. For all we known, it is completely psychosomatic and the psychologists will have us in straight jackets at some point. Yet, there lies a grain of truth in all legend and I hope that this may spark further inquiry into that grain of truth.

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