The Care and Feeding of Werewolves

I know what you thinking, no I’m not a little vamp sitting in front of a computer screen typing this to poke fun at shape shifters, I am one I just have a twisted sense of humor. And besides, you clicked on the link didn’t you? So sit back, read and learn a little.

I don’t know how it will be for you all I know is how it went for me. In middle school in the midst of puberty I started noticing some extra changes. I noticed I was stronger and faster that I looked, even than I knew, years have gone by since then and my strength remains the same without a bit of working out. No I can’t lift cars over my head, but I’m certainly stronger than I look. But at puberty you expect to get stronger so I didn’t think any of it, but other things were different. I could see small details easier from farther away, smell things that others couldn’t and hear things long before anyone else and so I started wondering. Wondering was I really different?

I noticed when I awoke in the morning I was usually tired, as if I had been up all night. I found long scratches on my arms and legs that looked like animal claw marks. I of course checked my own fingers but there was never any blood on them. Clothes that I had left lying on the floor the previous night would suddenly have giant tears in them. So not being versed in the odd I told a friend who told his sister who being more versed in such things was an excellent resource and thus it was discovered that I was a shape shifter, a Ulfwerener, a beast man.

As far as I know there aren’t any obvious signs that you are a werewolf. I have no uni-brow, no pentagram birthmark, on the full moon I don’t sprout fangs and claws and eat villagers and while my body is covered in short fuzz, my palms aren’t hairy. So how can you know for sure, I honestly don’t know. If you are here reading this it’s a start, it’s people like this that helped me as much as they could.

I have been told by others on this site that I am the sanest shifter they know, and that makes sense to me somehow, I don’t think of myself as sane, but I try for sanity. I think it might be a left over racial memory of how we used to run in packs but now when we awaken we are alone. I don’t think any shifter is really all together in the head. I hold on to what I have on sheer willpower to not give in, so that’s some advice. Don’t give up, hold yourself together, even if the only reason you have to hold it together is just to show people that you aren’t going to fail and lose it. I struggle with constant loneliness and feelings of not fitting in anywhere even among people who have been my friends for years. I think is because shifters are supposed to run in packs and our brains know it, so when we are alone we are scared and frightened of the world around us. Find people who you feel comfortable with, find your pack, we are after all a social animal. I am dreadfully shy and couldn’t pick a girl up in a bar if I tried, but I feel better being in social environments like clubs because I know I am there with people who think somewhat along the same lines as I do. For that night they are my pack and I feel like I belong. Now I’m not saying that you will only ever feel accepted among a large group of strangers, that’s just me. I have found individuals with which I feel a bond, a kinship with and I treasure these people, you need to find your pack.

More myths to debunk, as far as I know there is no great war between vampires and werewolves, so please don’t try and start one. We might have warred once but not now. I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned silver yet. Me, I love silver jewelry I think it looks pretty, I don’t have any sort of negative reaction to silver so don’t worry about it, same goes for wolfsbane. Will a silver bullet kill you? YES! You are not an unstoppable killing machine, in fact you shouldn’t be killing at all. I don’t eat uncooked animal flesh, I like mine medium rare, eat safe don’t model yourself off of the movies.

Boy sounds like winning the lottery to be a shifter enh? Crippling mental illnesses, and consent loneliness, makes you wonder what you did to get this. Well it’s not all horrible I just make it sound a bit worse then it is, because it’s my life. Use me as a rough guide not as scripture. Maybe you’re wondering if I got anything out if this other than the crappy things, of course I did. I have; heightened senses, speed, dexterity, endurance, my pelt keeps me warm when it’s cold. Which means for me T-shirts and jeans year round and maybe a coat. I have discovered other powers, I don’t use them that often because they have the potential to be very powerful and I like to at least think I’m responsible enough to not abuse them.

Some resources I have seen tell you that shifters are intricately tied with the earth and should always seek to defend it. I would be lying if I said I had never felt the power of the earth course thru me, but as for defending it, well everyone should do their part just don’t go nuts. I have always been drawn to wooded areas and always feel peaceful when encased in them, walking among them seeing their sights, smelling and hearing all that nature has to offer. But I feel just as home among a city in it’s alleyways with buildings on each side of me smelling and hearing humans.

How does one come to grips with whom and what they are, when they are something that no one they know understands, is a difficult question to answer. In some respects I have never come to grips with myself, and yet I wouldn’t change a single thing about me. When I am asked to describe myself, my interests, my wants, desires, the only thing I can ever think of to say is “I am Rob.” My friends eventually understood what I meant by that, it means I am me, I don’t define myself by my wants, or desires I define my self by myself. It’s hard to explain but, if at the core of your being you can say “Hey you know what, I might not always like me, but I’d rather be me than anyone else” I think you will do just fine. At the very least if you can just accept that fact that you are different if will help tremendously. It won’t always be easy, but it never is.

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