Site Redesign

We are pleased to announce the redesign and relaunch of the House Eclipse website!

Most aspects of the site have been transferred to the new version, but if there’s any material missing please let us know and we’ll try to fix it. In some cases we may need authors to resubmit it, as it may have been lost in the transition. One thing which did not survive the transition is the forums: we now recommend users make use of the forums at

Authors: if you would like to edit your material or submit new articles, please contact us. There are already accounts which have been created for you on the new system, using whatever old contact information we had for you. Please use the contact form and let us know your current contact information and we’ll make sure you have access to them.

Everyone: Welcome back to and we hope you enjoy the new site!

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2 Responses to Site Redesign

  1. Larae says:

    Good to see the site has come back to life!!! :)

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