Pyschic/ Pranic/ Energy Vampirism Basics

Energy or “psi” vampires “feed” off of the energy of others as an additional means of sustenance. So what exactly constitutes as feeding? How does an energy vampire feed? Is feeding dangerous? All of these questions will be answered in the paragraphs below.

What constitutes as feeding? When an energy vampire takes in someone else’s energy as an “augmentation” to their own energy, this is called feeding. Feeding can be done both on the conscience and subconscious level, active feeding and passive feeding. Roygly ninety percent of feeding is done on the subconscious level, passively augmenting one’s energy over the course of the day, week, month etc… The remaining ten percent of the time, feeding is done on an active, conscious level. Active feeding usually occurs when one feels an internal drop in their energy. This occurs for a multitude of reasons, but regardless of those reasons, one feels a drop in their energy so naturally the course of action to take is to actively feed.

How does an energy vampire feed? Generally an energy vampire is adept with the energy fields of living beings enough that they know how to manipulate that energy in their favour. Usually the first thing an energy vampire does is extend their own energy field out in such a way that it has better interaction with the other energies around it. From there, depending on weather or not the type of feeding is passive or active; usually an energetic link is formed. These links act as conduits for energy to travel through and the energy can flow both ways through this conduit.

The energy interaction in passive feeding is almost instinctual. Every step of feeding from the extension of one’s energy to the forming of the energy links, or conduits, is done on the subconscious level. Generally, the amount of energy transferred during a passive feed is less than it would be during an active feed. An active feed usually requires a greater understanding and skill of energy manipulation, but this does not mean that it cannot be done by anyone.

The main “step” in feeding is the actual transference of energy. This transference occurs during the stage of feeding when the energy conduits, or links, are formed. The energy travels through these conduits from one energy body to another dependant upon the energy levels of both energy bodies. To make this simpler, picture two cups, one full of water and another only filled one fourth of the way. Connecting these two cups together is a straw pinched in the middle so that there is no flow of water yet. The cups obviously represent the two people and the cup with the least amount represents the energy vampire. The water represents energy and the straw represents the links or conduits. Now, when then straw is not pinched, water will start flowing through it filling up the other cup. The water will continue to flow through the conduit until both cups have exactly the same amount of water, so both cups will be 62.5% full.

From this analogy, we just described the basics of feeding. Also with this analogy, we touched base on the permutations on an energy vampire feeding from someone with less energy… Because energy levels between the two energy bodies naturally want to even themselves out on a passive level, and the point of feed is to augment your own energy, it would be safe to assume that when your energy body extends to interact with the energy around it, somehow it detects an insufficient amount of energy in the other energy body. Because of the insufficient amount in the other energy body, subconsciously you “know” not to create that energy conduit. However, in active feeding you make that choice to create the conduit or not, and you also have more control over what and how much is being transferred.

During active feeding, almost everything is the same except for the self-control. As stated above, it takes a better understanding of energy manipulation to actively feed. When the conduit is formed, generally the flow of energy through these conduits during an active feed is a one way channel. Also, during an active feed one tents to create many conduits opposed to just one or two. Additionally, there seems to be a “vacuum” nature to the way that these conduits act. Using the same analogy as above with the cups, picture the conduit sucking the water from the one cup. Because the flow is one way, there does not seem to be any “natural” means of these two cups to balance themselves out. This leaves the act of balancing the energy to the person feeding, hoping that they make a conscious effort to do so.

This brings us to our next question, “Is feeding safe?” In the “grand scheme” of things, yes, feeding is safe; however, feeding can turn quite dangerous. There are levels of danger when feeding and these normally can be seen in active feeding more than passive feeding. During passive feeding, like stated previously, there exists a natural “safeguard.” The safeguard is in passive feeding is the double-flowing conduits that create a stasis between the two energy bodies so that neither one has any more or less than each other. During active feeding, the conduit is generally a one-way flow and there is no guarantee that the person feeding from you will either recognize or make the conscious effort of balance. Because of this factor, active feeding can be quite dangerous if the energy vampire takes too much energy. This can leave the other person feeling drained, light headed, nauseous, dizzy, and disoriented.

Because of the nature of feeding, it can be either safe or dangerous, however if someone is going to actively feed from you, make sure that you trust that person explicitly. Also, if one is naturally sensitive to energy, you generally have more control of being fed off of than you may think. There seems to be natural defense mechanisms embedded into us that just “know” when we have had enough. We do advise “listening” to your “gut instinct” when you know you’ve had enough. You need not to be an energy vampire to know this, everyone has some sort of energy field and inherent in our natural make up are subconscious mechanisms that activate when we feel that we are in trouble.

There are still a few questions that this article has probably left you; however, we have gone over this article for potential questions to be asked and we feel that they are better answered in separate articles. We do hope that this article has given you a better understanding of the basics of energy feeding. If for any reason you still do not understand, feel free to contact me.

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