New Layout of Egyptian Deities on the Tree of Life

Lately, I’ve been considering the possibility that Yinepu-Wepwawet (Anubis) may have a patronal role in my life. It’s something that seems likely, given the presence of his iconography in my meditations, and the nature of some of the sparks of inspiration I’ve had regarding esoteric and occult subjects (he is, after all, the one who opens the ways to that which is hidden).

Below is the most recent idea to come to me, an alternative association of the gods of Egypt with the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

Kether (Crown): the prime point of emmanation is associated with Tum, the god who self-created out of the primordial waters of nothingness

Hokhmah (Wisdom): the intuition which stems from Kether is associated with Ma’at, indicative of unviersal truth (whicih may only be grasped intuitively), the first being to stem from Tum.

Binah (Understanding): the logic which pours from Hokhmah is associated with Heka, the god whose name indicates “magical speech” and whose name is given to the magic of Egypt.

Hessed/Gedulah (Kindness/Grandeur): associated with Heru-sa-Aset (Horus, son of Isis), protector of the needy and icon of the king.

Gevurah/Din/Pahad (Power, Judgement, Awe): assosciated with Set, lord of the desert and storms, ruler of Upper Egypt (the red land/desert region), and icon of the king.

Tifereth (Beauty): the centre of the tree of life, indicative of the higher self, associated with Khepera, the rising sun and god of becoming and self-transformation.

Netzah (Victory): the root of the right pillar of mercy, associated with Bast, patron of Lower Egypt and guardian of the royal house.

Hod (Honour): the root of the left pillar of severity, associated with Sekhmt, patron of Upper Egypt, the fierce Eye of Ra opened in vengeance and the healer who obliterates pestilence.

Yesod (Foundation): the point between the spiritual and the physical, assocated with Nut, the sky, to which the spirits and consciousness of man look and wonder.

Malkhuth (Kingdom): the physical world, associated with Geb, the earth, upon which we all stand and in which we are all grounded.

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