Musings of the Subconscious

I thought I would write a brief note about the unconscious minds ability to know when there is energy to be had and how it can be in tune with the needs of the energetic body.

One often wonders how we managed to survive comfortably prior to the experience of awakening. Since most believe we are born as vampyres, then it stands to reason that our needs as vampyres have always been present from birth. I can’t imagine a scenario that it just turns on when we awaken. That doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me. If the ‘need’ comes only after awakening, it would behoove us all too simply not awaken. It would simplify life a great deal

What I believe to happen is that our minds unconsciously recognize that we need this supplemental energy and it learns how to obtain this without our being aware of it. The mind is what drives the ability to reach out and acquire energy after awakening. This same skill is learned by the subconscious long before we learn how to control it. This is how our energetic levels are maintained when we were asleep to what we are. Think back to those moments when you found yourselves dragging and lethargic and then, out of nowhere got this burst of energy and felt great!

Awakening creates a new scenario. This is when we begin to notice moments and energy and unusual occurrences. A small piece of this is what I wish to bring up. I have, in the course of my attempts to understand vampyrism, come to notice moments when my mind comes to uncanny alertness. The surroundings become quite crisp. These moments of heightened awareness are often followed by a reaching out for energy that I do not consciously instigate. This doesn’t happen really frequently, but enough to allow me to draw some conclusions from it.

The first point seems to be that the body, through early training, is more aware of when it needs to supplement its energy store. We often feel like we know when we are low, but I think we know less than we like to believe. I have often taken when I didn’t need to or forced myself into a situation where I went well past the warning light. We try so hard to understand and control things that we do not allow the instinctual part of the mind to alert us.

The second point is it seems that the subconscious mind knows good points of energy to take or good moments in which to take it. Yesterday, I was in a meeting with co-workers and the mind clicked over and went into ambient mode. I wasn’t quite prepared for it, but I went with it. These are people I would not normally choose to draw off, but it turned out to be just fine. The subconscious knows what it needs and what types of filters (usually) to put in place if any are needed.

The third point would be that there appears to be triggers to let you know when this is occurring. For me, the view of the world changes, the senses either overload or become heightened. Sometimes, I can feel the energy buzzing around myself and the hands become tingly or warm. These appear to be my own, personal, notifications. I do not know if there are similar experiences with others, but I suspect there are.

There are other points of interest to explore that I have not done as of yet. For instance, what would it mean to give yourself over to the more instinctual side, since it seems to know more about you than you do? Is it possible to learn what your subconscious already knows? What does this imply about control? What does this imply about how well you know yourself? What does awakening become other than conscious acknowledgement of what you are if you are a vampyre all along? There are more questions than these to be asked, but I leave it to others to come up with them.

These musings I have decided to write down are somewhat composed of rambling thoughts, so I must apologize if they seem haphazard. In trying to understand the nature and requirements of vampyrism, I find myself thinking a great deal about me and what is going on inside of my mind. This, in turn, leads to difficulty because we are so keen at deluding ourselves that you often come out of these thoughts less sure of anything than when you went in. It is my hope that presenting these thoughts will help others as well as myself.

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