Note: I am not a satanist or infernalist (demon worshipper), nor should my practices be stuck under the label of Wicca, as I am not Wiccan, and it would be an insult to that religion’s morals to classify my practices therein. I do not condone or practice human or animal sacrifice. I am not a murderer or rapist, as both are anathema to the Dark Mother. It is she and the other gods and goddesses who gives and takes life and judge souls, not us. I welcome e-mail and comments, but would really prefer you not flame me. If you honestly believe my soul is damned because I worship a female and engage in bloodplay with willing and adult partners as well as practicing magic, fine. Practice what you preach and pray for me rather than writing hate mail. I have read the Bible myself all the way through, along with the Qu’ran, the Torah, the Egyptian book of the Dead, the Book of Mormon and many other religious texts, and none advocate hate mail. Look for yourself in those books if you wish. In any case, I will be adding Lilith spells and rituals here in the future, and welcome rituals submitted by others as long as they are sane and not harmful to participants.

In the bleakness of the night
I reach for wisdom
Finding pain and loneliness
and lessons written in blood.
Religion is what gets you through
those dead black nights of loneliness
and two a.m. soul searches intact,
neven if it has fangs, long black hair and eyes full of firey shadows
Lilith is viewed by many of her worshippers as a Goddess made flesh by the hand of the masculine deity YHVH who was unable to control her power, a woman who reached for immortality and grasped it through the fire of pain and the thorns of solitude. Others see Her as a Babylonian deity who was originally a handmade of Inanna. According to the book “Mysteries of the Dark Moon”, by Demetria George, she was responsible for bringing men to the temples for sacred rites of healing and purification thorugh sex. She then evolved into a goddess of dark sexuality, solitude, and magic. George also claims that the rumors of Lilith’s legendary infanticide stem from her protection of the lineage of Her sacred priestesses, and Her dislike of the sullying of their inherited bloodlines by patriarchial outsiders. She was later demonized by many religions who found her allusions to female equality and sex magick disturbing or heretical.

According to various writings by Her worshippers and their foes, she plays many roles. The only known depictions of Her are on amulets thought to protect children from her vengeful and bloodthirsty side. The single reverent image of Her remaining is a sculpture of a lovely young woman wearing a Babylonian crown and holding the circle and staff of royal authority. She is winged and bears the feet of a bird. Surrounding Her are animals who seem to be her attendants and companions. Many will have differing opinions of Her, but mine is as as follows.

She is the mother of trees, the midwife of beasts, the protector of outcasts, freaks and renegades and the creator of vampires of all kinds. She is usually represented as a darkly lovely woman with full breasts, long black hair, eyes that are either yellow and slitted like a cat’s or change color with her moods and soft, honey-bronze or chalk white skin. She has no navel in most traditions for according to Jewish belief she was created, not born. Others say she is a deity, and thus was not born as humans are born. She has been the lover of gods and men, the seeder of the fertile ocean, the bloody shamaness who initiates and teaches with pain and the queen and priestess of carnality. She is to me an avatar of the Dark Mother Kali/Tiamat made flesh but retaining her divinity and immortality, independence and initiation in physical form. She has been reviled as a demon and worshipped as a god, blamed for temptation and cajoled with offerings of flesh and blood and sap and stone. Her temples are usually outdoor groves of thorns and sharp stone, freezing ponds and steaming lava vents, S&M clubs and aboriginal circumcision altars, anywhere where pleasure, pain, strong emotions and self-sacrifice combine to create enlightenment.

Though her story is old as time, her worship in it’s modern form is just that: modern. She was never worshipped extensively in ancient times (that I know of) as some feminists would have you believe. She may have started as an aide and handmaiden to Innana, but I know of no ancient temples dedicated to her worship. She is a modern icon of neotribalism and neoshamanism, but no less powerful for that. I would remind my readers of the power of the Cthulhu Mythos in magic, though invented only in the 1920’s by a hack horror writer, any magician can tell you that it is a powerful force in many kinds of magic today, and not to be played with. It is a symbol’s power, not it’s age, that makes it useful. I have heard of Mages who have invented angels and spirits or even new aspects of a god and seen these forces intervene in their lives. Read “The Practice of Magic” by Draja Mickaharic on the power of thought-forms and how worship gives them the power to interact in our lives. For those who do wish some kind of historical legacy for the Lilith symbolism, seek the goddesses known as Obsidian Butterfly by the Aztecs, The Morrigan of the Celts, Hecate of the Greeks, Kali of Hinduism, Nebt-het (Nephethys) of the Egyptians and Ix-chel of the Maya for other primal dark goddess figures. I am content with my interactions with all these dieties and I look to Lilith only when I am really sure I can handle her lessons, as they are never easy and often quite painful. One quote I once read is “A sane mind cannot handle too much truth or awareness of it’s own true nature”.

If you wish to invite her into your life, consider planting a garden, or setting up a terrarium or aquarium and making tiny (a drop or two) offerings of your own blood. This is a sort of personal world to teach you that you must nurture and weed dispassionately with the same hand. It can teach you how your actions affect your worlds, both inner and outer. It also allows you to bring a small poriton of Lilith’s wilderness home indoors. Roses, nightshade, greenbriar, wormwood, yew, vervain, mandrake, may apple, plum, pomegranate, yarrow, tulip, thyme, fungus, moss, cypress and many other plants have her energy. A fountain indoors with plants or a window box for those with little space are also appropriate, as long as you can show the beauty of wildness and the need for careful stewardship.

Carved and tumbled gems please her as well, especially amethyst, black pearl, onyx, mahogany obsidian, apache tear, smokey quartz, amber, shell, jet, black tourmaline, blue sheen obsidian, red jasper, carnelian, bloodstone, bone, ruby, dark blue or black sapphire, star diopside (a personal favorite stone) magnetite, hematite and apatite.

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