Laws of House Eclipse

  1. None of us shall rule all of us
    • No individual, couple, or group may ever run the House or be considered the prime authority or authorities. All members may vote on policy or other House decisions. All members are also welcome to voice concerned at any of the information Jaidah & Vran meetings held monthly. There will be no “Secret” or closed meetings, as our members should have a say in all decisions made regarding them. Anyone of any rank who has an issue with another House member, a problem with mentor and apprentice relations, a major complaint, a suggestion or a difficulty that affects the entire House may bring it to a meeting to present to the House of a whole, or bring the issue up privacy with any of the Vran & Jaidah to be brought up at the next meeting. Those who would present issues shall do so in a brief, understandable and intelligent matter. Personal issues between two people shall be mediated privately.
  2. Be aware of Moral Traditions and Laws and Codes of Conduct
    • All House members should know by heart the Laws of the House. They should also strive to learn any other sets of moral rules/ codes of conduct they encounter to avoid offending members of other Houses and Orders. The Black Veil is an example of a set of moral laws/ code of conduct, and should be studied as such.
  3. Do not harm others
    • No house member shall do harm of any kind to any person or any reason with the exception of their own life being at risk. There is no exception to this rule.
  4. Let the Innocent remain innocent
    • Do not expose our existence to those who will be frightened by us or incapable of handling such knowledge. Do not bring into our society those who are unbalanced or could be harmed by contact with us. NEVER initiate, feed from, Awaken, harm or have unsupervised contact with over a long period of time anyone under the medical age of 18 unless specific written parental consent is given. The same applies to any person over age 18 who is mentally incapable of caring for themselves (Down’s syndrome or Autism are examples) or otherwise similarly handicapped.
  5. Follow, respect and obey the laws of the land
    • Police officers and others in the law enforcement community risk their lives daily to keep us safe. Similarly, the laws of the country or society we live in affect everyone, regardless of their nature. Both must be respected, for the honor of the community and out of common sense. If you feel a law or law enforcement official is prejudiced, unjust or unfair, go through legal channels to get it changed or have them removed from duty. Ending up in prison aids no-one and solves nothing.
  6. Do not cheapen your nature by displaying it to those who do not understand.
    • We are not members of a side show. While we can and should act and dress in accord with our nature and comfort, we should not frighten or anger onlookers. While in public places, House members shall behave in a polite, respectful and socially acceptable manner to each others around them. House issues should be spoken of in quiet tactful conversation, many subjects are uncomfortable and taboo to some people. Be aware of your surroundings.
  7. Respect those who serve or feed you, M’kheru
    • M’kheru or donors compassionately and generously give of their own lives to us to sustain ours. They deserve our respect, admiration and friendship. Never make the mistake of treating any who aid or serve you as beneath you. Where they are you have probably been, and where you are they might someday be. Kithani too are a priceless part of our society. They have taken the lessons of humility to heart and will be the better for it. Never take them for granted or mistreat and ignore them. People in service jobs should similarly be treated with respect, compassion and kindness. Our behavior should be an example for other organizations and communities to help overcome popular misconceptions of us.
  8. We will at all times maintain peace in public
    • No fighting in any form between House members or members and non-members in public. No verbal harassment, sexual harassment, threats or other such behavior from House members towards anyone. Fighting of any kind or the aforementioned behavior is grounds for censure or expulsion and banning for a period of time from Havens. Any verbal or physical altercations at meetings or offical house events shall result in immediate censure, long probation and community service dependent upon judgement and vote by the house. Repeated incidents will bring expulsion.
  9. Be safe and stay clean of diseases
    • All sanguine vampires shall be blood tested at least once every six months for communicable diseases and be willing to provide proof of such as necessary. All Sanguine vampires, donors, and sexual partners are also required to keep a running log of all sexual encounters and sanguine encounters and with who. If you are found to carry any communicable disease, it is your duty and responsibility to contact every person with whom you have had sanguine or intimate contact and notify them of your test results. If it is found you have neglected in being tested, or have exposed yourself needlessly you shall receive immediate censure pending a review by an unbiased panel and a vote by the full house for long probation. Repeated incidents will bring explusion by the decision of the house as a whole. It is important for us not to make the current prevalence of blood and sexual diseases worse through our actions or negligence.
  10. Practice and learn safer sex methods
    • House members who are not in long-term, tested, monogamous relationships are expected to ALWAYS use safer sex and birth control methods in all intimate encounters. Examples of safer sex methods include dental and anal dams, female condoms, regular condoms, finger cots, etc. and to carry such supplies with them at all times. There is no excuse at all for not doing so and unsafe or risky encounters will bring censure, probation, or possible explusion.
  11. Any Member who wishes respect and a vote must be active within the House and the Community.
    • Anyone who wishes to vote at meetings Active member. Active members participate at House events including meetings, and online in the forums. We recognize that people have more important responsibilities and work and family and responsibilities come first, but we would like people to stay in touch as much as possible.
  12. Apprentices have rights and should be heeded when they speak
    • While you are an apprentice you are essentially learning the lessons of a child within our community. Your mentor is responsible for your behavior in our society and teaching you our laws and traditions. They protect, council/ advise and guide you, giving you a significant amount of their time and energy. In return, you are expected to treat them with honor and respect. You are expected to follow orders within reason, as long as said orders are made while your mentor is sane, sober, clearheaded, calm and in control of their actions. If you are told to do something, there is probably a good reason for it. However, you are still an adult and maintain control of your rights and actions. No one, regardless of rank or situation has a right to dictate your religious beliefs, mundane actions, financial and personal choices, friends, physical actions or personal moral code. No House member in a Mentoring situation shall EVER demand, order or attempt to coerce sexual favors from their apprentice or use immoral or illegal methods of persuasion. There shall be no corporal punishment of any kind, ever. If a conflict or situation arises, the apprentice is advised to leave immediately and bring it to the attention of the Vran & Jaidah at a meeting or via e-mail or phone. We have a total open door policy. If anyone of any rank commits the above actions, they will be immediately expelled from the House and have their name expunged from our records and hearts.
  13. We do not allow tithing, as we believe mentoring is an honor for the mentor
    • No mentor or group within the House may demand a financial payment simply for membership. Payment for teaching aides, time spent in group classes, materials for Rites and Rituals, books for Apprentices or other approved materials may be requested, but will not be unreasonable. On the other hand, a mentor is in no way financially responsible for their apprentice. An apprentice must pay their own way and carry their own weight.
    • The house does take donations, these are however not required. All moneys collected by the house whether via donations or by merchandise sales go towards first the cost of maintaining the house website and house projects, the rest of the money goes directly towards the many causes we support. To view the causes we support please view the Supported Causes page.

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