Kabbalah and the Kemetic View of the Soul

This is a work in progress for me, but I thought I would post my intial thoughts here for feedback and impressions. For those who don’t know, I believe I have two guides from the Kemetic parthenon: Yinepu-Wepwawet (Anubis) and Set. While it would be possible for me to detail this relationship in light of archetypes and the collective unconscious, that isn’t part of this thread. I also consider myself a Therian, with the “phenotype” (this is what the Therian community uses, for lack of a better word) of the Abyssinian wolf. Whenver I describe what Therianthropy is to me, I invariably make refrences to the psyche and shadow, as postulated by C.G. Jung – which also has a reflection in Kemetic philosophy. The following correspondences are a result of my Theurgic work with the Kabbalah and Kemetic philosophy, and my continual quest for more undertanding of my Therianthropic nature through the use of Jungian psychology. Please note that I have omitted the supernal triad of Keter, Hokhmah, and Binah, as they are separated from actuality by the abyss of Da’ath. This tirad, I consider too close to En Sof for the purpose at hand.

Malkhuth: I associate this with the Khat, or body. No further explanation should be needed.

Yesod: Given that Yesod is the link between the higher self, or HGA of Tifereth and the body of Malkhuth, I have chosen to correlate it to the Sekhem. Sekhem is the libido which flows from the higher self to the body.

Hod: I associated this with the Khaibit, or shadow, since both concepts correspond to Yinepu-Wepwawet. While Hod represents ones intellect, it is also said to serve a protective capacity. Similarily, the Khaibit is that part of the soul which is able to travel the hidden ways and which may protect one from the harshness of life (one must keep in mind that shadows – protection from the sun – are important to the life of those from desert regions).

Netzah: The Sahu, or spiritual body of man. represents our energy, existential experience, and as such, lines up with the prohphetic and eternal victory that is Netzah.

Tifereth: Tifereth, which represents the HGA/higher self is the Akh, which represents the immortal and radiant core of man, which is able to transcend death.

Geburah: As the Sefirah which represents persnal will and power, and which serves as the restraining force in the universe, it easily relates to the Ka. The Ka is an astral double which serves as a guardian angel in the mundane sense of the word. It is said to stay near the body, although mobile and able to leave. It is the will and power which guards the soul and which keeps external forces in check.

Hessed: I chose to synonymoze Hessed, which symbolizes love and personal awareness with the Ba. Hessed is also referred to as Gedolah,, or greatness, in which is represents union and freedom of movement. The Ba, unlike the Ka, is believed to have more freedom of movement and travels with Ra on the solar barge in the evening. It stands in counter-distinction to the Ka.

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