Hunger, More Than a Word

Hunger… is it really just that? Does it not go further than that? Tis more than just a word is it not? We hear the word used quite causually today in our communities. But truly it is part of what we are and how we are linked to our line and to each other and most importantly, to our past.

This need, this desire, this constant wanting of that which is so precious to us and so much a gift to be given and recieved and yes, even celebrated!

Aye, it is so much more than just a word. Does not this need contain a part of your soul at times. Does it not wrap round you with it’s warmth when given and tear at your soul with it’s cold daggers when it’s denied.

And this hunger, this part of us has, if you believe like I do, has indured since the dawn of time, and links us, intertwines us with one another. And so I think it not merely a word, but our souls that call us to feed and give and take.And most certainly makes us family.

Nocturnis Orchid

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