House Terminology

These terms were created by Raven OrthaeVelve for use by the house and to replace an outdated and role playing term filed glossary currently in popular use. These terms are free for use, just provide a credit line to the house and Raven Orthaevelve alone with a link.

Special thanks to Daynah for helping to compile and format the terminology for reproduction on the net.


Amakh ritual “om ock” blades for the warrior caste, (Ancient Egyptian: “honor”) “Mradu”
Bigliade “big lee ood”Companion Caste, (Enochian “Comforter”) “Kitra”
Cenoquodi “sin oh kwo dee” Priest Caste, (Enochian “Minister”) “Ramkht”
Malpirgi “mal peer jee” sangomancer, (Enochian “Fire of Life and Increase”) “Nomaj”


Avavago “ah vah vah goh” Independant Elder, (Thunders of Increase) “Abbon”
Jaidah “jeye duh” Founding Elder, (highest) “Dominus”
Vran “vrohn” Elder, (elder) “Primus”
Isro “ees roh”Fully initated member, (promise) “Calmae”
Gevanma “je vahn muh” Member of house’s outer circle, (beginning) “Bellah”

Stages of Development

Adna “odd nuh” assistant, (Enochian “servant/obedience”) “Kitra”
Salbrox “sol brox*” ritual Awakening, (Enochian “Live Sulphur”) “Ardetha”
Ananiel “on on ee el”unawakened, (Enochian “Secret Wisdom”) “Klavasi”

Community Members/Groups

Tabaan “tah ba’an” self mastery (govenor) “Mor-Roi”
Ohorelia n. “oh whore ee lee uh” Committee of people or rule makers, (Enochian “to make rules”) “Jhatyet”
Pibliar “pi ble ar” vampire who helps the development of a younger vampire (Place of Comfort) “Adra”
M’kheru “mik hair oo” human who gives blood or energy to a vampire, (Ancient Egyptian “Gift of Sustenance”) “donor”
Othil “OH thil” bondmate with sexual overtones, (Enochian “throne”) “Abani”
Hemhari “heem Hahr ee”Member who agrees with house philosophy and seeks to join the house, (Norse “Bridge”) “Jahira”
Teliob “teh lee obe” Vampire not initiated into a house, (Enochain “seperate”) “Ronin”
Kithan n. pl. kithani “kee thon” Human who understands and is close to the vampire community, (Irish “Trusted Friend”) “Black Swan”
Dodsih “Dod se” Fake, RPG’er, (Enochian Vexation) “Gaja”
Eophan “EE oh fon” Human in an alternative lifestyle who does not approve of vampires, (Enochian Lamentation) “White Swan”
Faboan “Fah bow on” Outcast or insane vampire, (Enochian Poison) “Sin Nomine”

Other Nouns

Gizyax “jiz yacks” Feud between vampires without fighting (Enochian Earthquake)
Bahal Cnila “bah hall Sni luh” vampiric recognition, (Enochian Calling of Blood) “The Beacon”
Vmadea “vmah dee uh” vampire safe place (Strong Tower) “haven”

These terms are copyright © to Raven OrthaeVelve and House Eclipse. If you reproduce these terms please be sure to provide a credit line with a link to House Eclipse & Raven OrthaeVelve.

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