House Sigil


Our House sigil is drawn from the list of sigils elsewhere on the site. The Reason for our name is the history of the meaning of an eclipse. In astrology,an eclipse represents a dramatic event in a person’s life in the area of the astrological house in which it occurs. We see it as symbolically signifying the life-changing, overpowering nature of the Vampyric or Otherkin awakening and the profound changes recognition of such an archetype within ones’ self brings. Thus, the moon eclipsing the sun symbolizes one’s nightside or vampiric side becoming equal to one’s dayside or mundane side. The drop glyph is the symbol of the lifeforce or blood we must take to sustain ourselves, and it’s prominence inour sigil is to give respect to how much this influences our natures. Please feel free to explore both the sigils section and the lexicon for more information.


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One Response to House Sigil

  1. Robert Lako says:

    I love the symbolism. It conveys so much information in a beautifully simple design. I would love to see a necklace or ring using this seal.