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Many people have asked me in the past if there are such things as “Real” vampires or anything similar to them. The short answer is that there might be, but I cannot say totally accurately. I have on two ccasions met a person who I think could have been such a creature or something similar, but I am no scientist and have only my own observations to go on. So did such people start the myths, or was it people like us? Or is there something else out there?

I personally do not really know for sure if there are “immortal” vampires out there similar to those in fiction and legend. I feel that the possibility exists, but not the probability. Considering the things I have seen, from ghosts and poltergeists to cases of both divine and infernal posession, magic, energy and evidence of lycanthropy, fae glamor and faith healing, I willnot discount the possibility of something more being behind such legends.

Before I move on, I should explain a theory of mine about souls. I believe all souls are sort of like “sparks” or fragments thrown off naturally by deities. The vast majority come from Jehovah or Allah, as they are the most commonly worshipped. However, there are quite a few other deities out there who also create souls. Some of these deities create us Otherkin, who have some of the character traits of our “parent” in them. Thus we all have the spark of divinity within us, and could someday evolve into deities. To do this, we must go through stages. We are Otherkin, living on Earth or even other worlds. Then we become messengers or servants of our Deity if we wish it, eventually evolving into aspects of that deity before becoming deities in our own right. Or we can, with the proper set of circumstances and the right amount of willpower, evolve on our own into seperate beings. We can also choose to reunite with our “Parent” being and share our experiences to aid the deity in perhaps evolving into an even more exhalted state. This, in my opinion is the true meaning of Heaven or Paradise and of the Eternal life spoken of by most religions. Becoming a deity on one’s own or even starting as an Aspect of a deity is rare in the extreme (most souls are either learning and working thier way up the “education ladder” or even more choose to simply reunite with their deity), but there is historical evidence to at least make it a viable hypothesis that does occur.

Examples would be Lilith (my patron deity) who many legends say started out as a human or semi-divine being. The oldest legends say she was originally a servant of Innana, either a priestess or messenger, or maybe first one then the other. Another example is Osiris. Earliest legends say he was a king who was murdered, then resurrected by Isis briefly before taking his place as Lord of the Dead. Imhotep started out as a human architect and was later deified as something of an aspect of Tehuti/Thoth the god of writing and then as a god in his own right. In fact, most of the Egyptian pantheon was said to have once been human. Kuan-Yin was said to be a princess who was deified for her unending compassion and virtue. Macha, a Celtic queen became an aspect of the warrior-goddess The Morrigan and was seen as a patron of female warriors and leaders. Some people might see it as blasphemy, but I believe both Mary and Jesus were humans who were deified, if not in words, then in spirit. Most of the Loa of Vodoun and Santeria were said to be either gods brought over from Africa, specifically Yoruba, or ancestor spirits who ascended to godhood.

In any case, I am sure there are many more examples. It is belief and reverence that makes a deity powerful, and if you revere the spirit of an incredibly strong person enough and ask them to intervene over time, they could well become or at least gain similar powers to a deity and eventually become one themselves.

Okay, so where am I going with this tangent? The answer lies in our conscious and unconscious reverence of various mythical and historical vampires. Cain, Judas, Asema, Lilith, Elizabeth Bathory, Gilles De Rais, Vlad Tsepesh…all and some traditional deities such as Anubis, Osiris, Tiamat, Hecate, Lamia, The Morrigan, Tlatzolteotol, Tezcatlipoca, Baba Yaga and many others are seen by many to be the spiritual or physical ancestors of modern vampiric souls and/or bloodlines. We believe on some level that they existed (or still exist), and many of us believe that they had supernatural powers. We use their names daily and see their pictures regularly. If they have not simply evolved into REALLY powerful spirits or aspects of a deity due to this belief, they might even be on their way to becoming divine entities. Remember that we talk about them daily, and refer to them by using their names, or in my case, creating sigils for them.

Why, I argue, should they not be able to pull off some of the feats of deities or powerful spirits? For example, manifesting to those who revere them in dreams or aiding them in times of trouble, or even teaching them magic or new skills. All and more are within the realm of possibility. Thus, I refer to these beings as the Ageless. Most, save for those recognized by various pantheons as such, are not actually gods (but could become so), but have more power than an average ghost, and can probably manifest.

Perhaps some fo the legends going around about immortals or “real” vampires are manefestations of these beings, either forming an image out of energy or even taking over the bodies of their priests and believers. Viewers of either might see the form of the Ageless instead of the channel, or an image of the Ageless themself. An ageless might even share some of their power to aid a vampire in works that will benefit the entity in the end or further Their cause. Or perhaps these beings are subconsciously perceived by mundanes and vampires, who then write or make movies or art about them, thus reinforcing the possibility in our minds that they exist. The most powerful might even be able to someday pull off truly supernatural feats. Such is the case with some of the deified people listed above, who all became true deities with Divine powers and priests.

Each of us has the Spark of Divine potential within us. Each of us, I believe may someday choose to be reunited with our Source to add our experience and knowledge to It, become an aspect or messenger to the Source or become such a Source ourselves. In any case, this alone is enough to make me wish to at least try to respect the beliefs and deities of others. It should NOT be used as an excuse to allow the ego to run away with you! ALL of us, from street beggars to the greatest kings have Divine essence and origin. If anything it should teach humility, since many others are likely to be further along on their Paths than we are.

Ultimately this is MY belief only, and I share it as such. Many people wil disagree or say I am blaspheming. That is your opinion and you are more than welcome to it. Each of us must follow our own path and learn seperate lessons, and none of us has the One True Path. There is no such thing, and trying to push my beliefs and philosophy on someone who they do not fit could cause them and me to fall behind on our “lessons”.

In any case, thanks all for listening to me babble. I’d welcome feedback on this theory.

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