Faeries, Fallen Angels, Demons and other related stuff

I have heard of two main theories both of which I agree with to a degree. Faeries come from two sources; Elemental faeries that come from nature and are as old as the earth and Angels who in the great war didn’t choose sides cause they were either frightened or wanted to wait it out. Unlike the complete fallen who became demons we got sent to the middle realm earth where we copied ourselves from the elementals and gave ourselves gossamer wings such as butterflies and decided to watch over the earth and humans since we generally care for them. I state we cause I feel like I’m the latter.

I’ve met my oldest soul mate, he’s the 37 years old and we’re dating. He’s demonic and where he chose sides and I would have followed him to hell he wouldn’t let me. So I ended up stuck here, I’ve lived many lives I remember a couple but that’s left to the supernatural tales.

Faeries who are not in human form at this time also follow two sides(for the most part) the Seelie court (day faes) and the Unseelie court (dark faes). There is also the Shadow Faes who don’t are sort of ronin. Day Faes when incarnated in mortal form are the ones who light up a room when they walk in, have limitless energy and can bring a smile to some of the darkest of faces. Dark faes are very charismatic very gregarious and can charm the truth out of a politician. Shadow faes are the people that blend into the crowd and go around unnoticed and undetected. I’m currently working on my knowledge of Faerie magic and trying to get in touch with some of my brethren who aren’t incarnated in human form but may take me a while.

I don’t claim what I’ve stated to be fact, they are my beliefs that I have gathered over the years from many sources and research. I’m open to debate and questions, actually I would much welcome it.

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