Ethics and the Need: Surface Communion

I am a vampyre. It is the case that being a vampyre, by the definition of this very existence, requires the taking of energy so that my life can be lived in a state of normalcy. How much energy is required to maintain a good quality of life and how frequently will depend upon the individual. However, there are many who require a sufficient amount of energy that it necessitates the extraction of energy beyond that afforded by what many call ambient communion. Furthermore, there are equally as many who do not belong to houses, communities, covens, or other groups who may be able to provide donors to satisfy the vampyre. If the vampyre has no donor, is not in a position to reveal his or her nature, and ambient communion is not sufficient to lead a comfortable life, then that vampyre’s remaining recourse is to go beyond ambient communion. What does this mean to the vampyre? This means that the vampyre is going to have to consider where their ethics and boundaries lie.

This is not an easy subject to tackle. I get the feeling that there are a lot of vampyres out there who want to follow the nature of the beast, but society has instilled in them the morality that to take from others is wrong. The vampyre community often equates the taking of energy without consent as tantamount to rape. For a long time, I didn’t disagree. These days, I think that equation is a bit harsh. I realize my position in this matter is likely to be met with resistance, repugnance, and will not be very popular, but I welcome the criticism. Ethics are always a matter of personal choice.

It would seem that the vampyre, as a gross generalization, is closer to animal than it is to a human. That is to say, it is a more instinctual creature less attached to human reason. Thus, the basics are near and dear to the vampyre’s heart rather than the analysis of the situation through the lens of morality. A bobcat that is in need of sustenance is not going to wonder whether it is morally questionable to eat another animal. It is nature’s way that the strong feed on the weaker. Nature is simple, but cruel. I am not suggesting that we, as vampyre’s, should go off half cocked feeding off every person we come across and justifying it by claiming it is natural. Rather, I am laying a foundation for further understanding. The point of this is that it is the nature of the vampyre to seek its nourishment in an animal fashion. When you think about it, ultimately, the survival instinct wins when all the chips are on the table.

We are not animals. It would be easy if we were. There would be a lot less discussion about the right and wrong of a particular action. Because ethics are a personal matter, what works for one will be an abhorrence to another. Further, an ethical paradigm you may follow might not fit in so well with the dictums of the society you live in. In which case, compromise must be made (assuming you do not wish punishment from the laws based on the adopted ethics of contemporary society). This is similar in nature to the situation where a vampyre has too few, or no donors available to them and ambient feeding is not sufficient. What are they to do? The vampyre community strongly suggests that any communion be consensual. Thus, a vampyre must reveal their nature to those they are feeding from.

The first option of the vampyre in this situation is to seek a donor. For those not well versed in communion from a distance, this means they must seek out a donor locally. This, in turn, means revealing your nature. Now, I know not many of us go about telling people, “Hey, I am a vampyre. Mind if I take some of your energy?” Most of us rarely, if ever, reveal ourselves to anyone. The process of finding a donor is long, tedious, exhausting, and challenging for most.

The second option is to try and survive on ambient feeding alone, unless you manage to make it to a quabbal, or other such gathering where a donor is likely to be found. I have read a few pieces by members of the community on how this turned out. None of them have been particularly pleasant. At best, the vampyre is impossible to be around. At worst, well, we just won’t discuss that.

The third option is to non-consensually feed. This is the option that is equated with energetic rape. I prefer to equate it with survival in the wilds of nature. We are not so removed from the animal kingdom that it cannot be seen for what it is when the situation is as given. An animal in the wild will take what it needs to survive, as a general rule. It should be so with vampyres. A vampyre without a donor and in need of feeding deeper than ambient communion should feed as needed. As we are capable of reason, we should only invade as much as required and take as little as is necessary to get to the requisite energy level. This is survival within reason.

What I have given above is something of a light treatment to a deep subject and I apologize. However, my goal is to reach enough people and sometimes brevity is the way to go about it. I also realize that there will be questions and rebuttals as I expect there should be. First, I would like to go over my ideas about surface communion, which is, in my world, the next step beyond ambient.

Surface communion is the taking of energy emanating directly from another individual. This energy is not the energy contained deep within the individual, but is on the surface. I equate this with an individual’s aura (though I do not see color, nor can I read them). I see this energy like the heat rising off a paved road on a hot day, but without the shimmer. To me, there are gradations of this energy, or layers. The outer layer is that energy which is ready to disengage from the individual and will very soon be cast off. This energy will then become part of the ambient energy of the surroundings. People will have varying numbers of levels and quality to those levels depending on their level of energetic cultivation. However, the deeper you go into the layers, the tighter that energy will be tied to the individual. There is usually a layer of a person’s energy that is just beneath the level of the skin. This is, I have found, usually the lowest level of their aura. Once past this, you have punctured their aura and have reached a deep feeding level.

I have found, in my experience that most people who are not vampyres, not sensitive, do not practice some form of energetic sensitivity, will never know that you have surface fed from them. Furthermore, most will not even acknowledge that anything has even happened. The only effect that may be noticeable by the target (you may never note this) would be sluggishness, a headache, and other minor symptoms and this would likely only happen if you fed heavily from that target as in a concentrated surface feeding. More than likely, a deep communion would be required for this effect to be noted.

The purpose behind bringing up my own definition of surface communion is to demonstrate my own qualifications for surface feeding. I am one of those vampyres who needs to go beyond ambient, but has no donor to speak of. I believe in the beauty of the vampyre, the simplicity of its life and understanding, and its raw nature. What I am required to do is mesh this with the morality and ethics required by society and the community as best I can. On those points that there is disagreement, I am forced to make a choice and that choice is made in my own best interests for survival.

I will go over, in brief, my own needs and how I deal with them. For the most part, a good surface communion will sustain me. There is rarely ever a need to go beyond that level. I do my best to be regular so that I won’t find myself in a position where a deep communion would be required. Not having a donor, a deep communion is next to impossible. I do a great deal of Qigong, Tai Chi and Wing Chun practice as well as meditating when I can. All of the practices heighten the quality and density of the energy I already possess, making it last a lot longer. I will supplement this energy with ambient for as long as I can. If I feed on ambient energy fairly often (which is a natural and unconscious process at this point), then I can go quite a long time without the need for surface communion. However, eventually, I must perform a surface communion.

The surface communion is generally done through touch or very close proximity. I will only take from those who have a good amount of energy. Further, I try and limit the depth to the outermost couple of layers. The energetic quality is much higher than the ambient energy, yet it is the energy that will be discarded by the individual soon and the energy they will not likely notice or miss. I do this over a number of different people until I am where I need to be. Is it consensual? No. Is it likely they are going to be irrevocably changed as a result? No. Will they ever notice? No. Is it morally questionable? It depends on your opinion. Does it violate the idea of consensual communion? It certainly does.

I make no pretense about where I stand. I think that non consensual feeding has its place, but I also think it requires an examination of your own morality, an understanding of the vampyre and human nature, and an ability to merge two natures as well as ethics. It is not an easy place to find, but it is necessary for many of us, especially if we are to live with ourselves on a daily basis.

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