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If you are submitting a question to us, or would like more information about becoming a House member please remember these points before submitting this form.

  • We do not, for any reason accept members to our house who are under the age of 18. We also cannot give you advice or guidance, while we understand and sympathize with your plight, it puts us in a very violatile legal situation. Now if you would like to see advice and are under 18 you will be required to get a waiver signed by your parents. There are absolutely not exceptions to this. Feel free to join the forums and ask questions there where you will receive a response but we cannot work with you one on one.
  • We only accept House Membership applications from those who are located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States and are willing to attend at least one meeting a year in theWashington, D.C. Metropolitian region. There are no exceptions to this rule, we are currently working on a way to have House Associates who are recognized by the house, and a part of it without actually being here as a member.
  • Be sure to read What is Happening to me: Common Questions Answered written by OrthaeVelve to address some of the questions she answers over and over.
  • Please review your comments before submitting them, make sure to fix any grammatical errors, and make sure that it makes sense, we can’t help, or answer your question if we don’t understand.
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