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I have decided that I should express my opinion on what I consider to be energy that is useable as supplement to energy produced naturally in the body. Remember, there is no scientific backing for my opinion and that this is my perception and mine alone. Anything contained herein can be argued until the universe comes to its end and likely never resolved. The use of energy in a vampyric life is such an ever changing experience and so biased according to the individual’s perception that it makes it challenging to write about. Regarding energy that is used to sustain the life of a vampyre, however, it is my opinion that the energy required to maintain and supplement must come from other people. There are three primary reasons for this belief. The first is through the mythology of the vampyre. The second is defined by the difference between energy that comes from human life versus the life of other living things, inanimate objects, and elemental nature. The third is through my own experience.

Legend is based, in part, on truth. So goes the saying. In my own time I have been fascinated by mythology and legend. What person isn’t? My own interest began, as many have, with Greek and roman mythology. In time, it passed to Norse, Egyptian, and then contemporary urban American myths. Throughout my exploration of various myths I came to wonder how they came about. This led to research, which led to an understanding of what is real behind the stories. The legend of Persephone, as many of you may know, relates to how the seasons are explained. This is the reality behind the myth. The Norse legend of Loki being chained at the center of the Earth while having poison drip onto his head explains earthquakes.

The grain of truth in the mythology, therefore, must hold in contemporary times as well, should it not? The creation of the vampyre myth must hold a grain of truth then. What might this truth be? The modern story of the vampyre relates to the psyche of modern man. The vampyre is an archetype for eroticism, sensuality, mysticism, and power. It touches on the more primal, but highly suppressed aspects of human nature. However, the vampyre legend existed long before Stoker got hold of it.

This vampyre of old was not often thought of in the light of Blade, Underworld, or Interview with the Vampire. This vampyre was dead and looked it. They are often described in the stories as decaying, bloated, smelly, as any corpse would be. There are two things about the vampyre of old that strike me when comparing myths. The first is that in just about every instance, death has occurred. This goes through the mythology across continents and cultures. The second is that humans were required, in some capacity, for the vampyre to continue to exist. This could be in the form of blood, energy, emotion, and so on. The fact remains, that some form of energy was required and in almost all instances it was required from a living human. It is my feeling that this is the grain of truth in the legend.

Useable energy would seem to be that energy that is familiar to that which chooses to use it. In other words, like uses or interacts with like. Is this an unbreakable rule? Certainly it is not. Is this rule common in nature? I would say yes. In simple observation of nature in its macro state, there seems to be an organizational structure to it. This is what allows us to categorize what we see from the living to the non living. Even on the microcosmic scale it appears to be so. This, again, leads me to the idea that the energy vampyres can consume comes from other humans.

To further this idea, how is it that a vampyre could sustain itself from the energy of a rock? A rock is a non living entity. It holds no inherent living energy, but merely the energy required to hold it molecular structure. Its energetic signature is that of a rock. How can this be used to sustain the life of a vampyre? Is it possible that you could draw the energy off it that allows it to hold itself together as a rock? Maybe, but then it would cease to be a rock and that energy you obtain from it would need to be made into a form that is usable by the vampyre. Seems like a lot of work for very little return. Not to mention I have never witnessed another able to strip the energy required to make a rock. The Earth is basically one really big rock. Thus, the same applies to the Earth. In fact, the same would apply to any inanimate object.

What about other life forms? What about elemental energies (lightning, storms, wind, and so on)? I think the same theory applies to these situations as well. Lightning and storms provide a type of release for people. This applies to all people. My wife gets a charge out of watching a lightning storm, but she is not a vampyre. This feeling of power, the primal, whatever you want to call it is a part of the base nature of humans. We get excited because of this and that feeling of energy, in my experience, is because your own energy is being heightened by the experience. It is not absorption of energy from the storm, but an alteration in expression of your own energy. I ask that the next time you experience a natural phenomenon like this, to really feel where any energetic change is coming from. Make your own judgment call, but always be honest with yourself.

The energy of plants and animals requires that we change the vibration rate of the energy to match that of our own. This is part of the idea of like attracts like. I do not think that we can really use the energy given from plants and animals. One reason is that they give off so little of it. You suggest perhaps a Sequoia? Well, it needs so little to sustain itself. It is not nearly as complex as another human. To further this idea, the type of energy necessary to sustain a lion, a tree, an elephant is vastly different than that of another person. Again, this is merely my own thoughts on the matter. Take them for what they are worth.

The remaining support I have for my opinion and the single most important one for me is my own experience in this matter. Given my hypothesis that I have already explained you might think I had a predetermined bias, but this is not entirely true. I did have the legendary vampire, but that was primarily what it was, a legend. I had not given a great deal of thought to the energetic differences between other forms of life or objects until well after my awakening. Thus, they lent support to the experiences I have had as a vampyre.

Like many, I felt initially that you must be able to consume energy from, well, everything. Energy is energy after all. Initially, I primarily took from others through surface, proximity, and ambient methods. This was the way it should be, I thought. However, I wasn’t always able to do this, so I would do meditation and try and take from the Earth, or from moving water, or the wind. My experiences of energy were always different afterward. However, I discovered that I was not left with more energy. I had no more than I began with. This was made known because my hunger was not satisfied. In further experimentation, I learned that taking from non human sources, at best, allowed me to perform energetic manipulation with what I held within. Through my connection with the surrounding environment, I changed my own energy to better facilitate this connection. Thus, I was, in essence, performing internal alchemy. I might have been able to assume energy from the Earth in relation to that determined from physics (every action has an equal but opposite reaction), but I was not acquiring consumable energy.

To put a fine point on it, as a vampyre, to sustain yourself using an external energy source, the energy to consume would be from other humans. Mythology would seem to support this, nature, too, seems to indicate it and my own experiences as a vampyre lend weight to my conclusion. However, in the spirit of understanding that we all live and function within the structure of our own perceptions, these opinions are mine alone. I cannot and will not pretend to have the answer nor would I preach to others in this regard. I am merely relating a stopping point on my journey through life as a vampyre. This is where I am now. My relaying these thoughts to you is only to provide you with impetus to explore the reality of your own experiences as regards this topic. We all make our own way and we all have theories of our own. I invite you to explore some of yours.

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