Porphyria: Truth & Fiction

Alright. I know I have, and you also might have seen a few articles swimming around the net comparing porphyria to vampires and here’s my skivvy on the whole thing, being a case of porphyria myself. Why am I writing this? Because Duo, who has been surfing around at House … Continue reading

To the Parents of a Sanguinarian

First of all, I am very glad that you have chosen to research this topic to give yourself an educated outlook on your developing child. It is a wonderful gift to have a relationship between your children so open that you’re able to talk about being a sanguinarian. If you … Continue reading

Sanguine Feeding Lecture

Warning If you are under 18, easily offended or not interested in the topic of bloodplay and it’s safety, you might as well hit the “back” button on your browser and leave now. No insult is meant, this page is simply not for you.  I am only going over feeding methods … Continue reading

Finding Substitutes

A lot of vampires tell me, “No substitute can quench my thirst for blood.” While this may or may not be true, more than usual, these folks haven’t taken the time to find substitutes that suit them. First off, the exact medical reason for our blood craving is not known. … Continue reading

Hunger, More Than a Word

Hunger… is it really just that? Does it not go further than that? Tis more than just a word is it not? We hear the word used quite causually today in our communities. But truly it is part of what we are and how we are linked to our line … Continue reading

Lost to the Beast

Another Kinmate lost to the Beast. Another friend who is now insane and was eaten by the Darkness Within. Even one is far too many, and more is a true tragedy. This makes three that I have known and counted as close friends who fell off that razor-thin path that … Continue reading

Genetics Theory for Sanguinarians

The first essay covers the commonly accepted Vampire Virus theory. It also goes throught he process of the Change for vampires. I cannot write on the process of the Change in different races of Otherkin (having no experience with such) but would welcome articles or ideas from such people. The … Continue reading

A Blood Substitute

My favorite blood substitute is a sort of tea/juice mixture. It doesn’t do the same thing as feeding, but it will reduce rage and discomfort for a while. It takes some getting used to the taste, however. Start with 2 cups cranberry juice, and set them aside. Pour two cups … Continue reading