The Possible Evolution of the Psi-Vampyre

I noted a question in the article, “My Newer Genetics Theory on the Origins of Vampirism” by Raven Orthaevelve that I thought I would make an attempt to answer. The value of the answer, of course, will be dependent upon the reader and their own instilled beliefs. The question was … Continue reading

The Experience of Energy

Recently a friend I was chatting with suggested an exercise for me. I have been a bit at a loss for things to write about or activities outside of what I already do on a regular or semi regular basis. The basic idea was whenever I sensed energy to see … Continue reading

Synergistic Meditation

Meditation is an important element in achieving the ability to produce psi effects. What meditation offers is the ability of the mind to be organized, have fewer random thoughts and distractions, and a higher sensitivity to energetic effects normally filtered out by our conscious minds. There has been a great … Continue reading

Pyschic/ Pranic/ Energy Vampirism Basics

Energy or “psi” vampires “feed” off of the energy of others as an additional means of sustenance. So what exactly constitutes as feeding? How does an energy vampire feed? Is feeding dangerous? All of these questions will be answered in the paragraphs below. What constitutes as feeding? When an energy … Continue reading

Musings of the Subconscious

I thought I would write a brief note about the unconscious minds ability to know when there is energy to be had and how it can be in tune with the needs of the energetic body. One often wonders how we managed to survive comfortably prior to the experience of … Continue reading

Ethics and the Need: Surface Communion

I am a vampyre. It is the case that being a vampyre, by the definition of this very existence, requires the taking of energy so that my life can be lived in a state of normalcy. How much energy is required to maintain a good quality of life and how … Continue reading

Consumable Energy

I have decided that I should express my opinion on what I consider to be energy that is useable as supplement to energy produced naturally in the body. Remember, there is no scientific backing for my opinion and that this is my perception and mine alone. Anything contained herein can … Continue reading

Basic Grounding, Shielding & Centering

Time and again I hear people complain of fatigue, weariness, feeling depressed, angry, or upset for no reason and each time I’m reminded of exactly how important grounding, centering and shielding are in a healthy everyday life, but more especially for psi vampires. These methods are not the only ones … Continue reading