Wolf Therians & Pack

Sometimes I take being Wolf for granted. I’ve been aware of being Wolf since I was about two years old, so it’s pretty much a natural thing for me. But occasionally something happens that really hits home hard for me. Things that make me remember WHY it is that I … Continue reading

Forms of Shapeshifting

Here are some of the many kinds of shapeshifting. Lots of weres can shapeshift (or just ‘shift’) in the ways described below, with the exception of physical shifting most of these are quite common. That is not to say everyone can do all of them or even any of the … Continue reading

Exploring Spiritual Lycanthropy

Its nice to know that you are not alone. That across the globe there are hundreds like you, going through similar emotions and experiences. While its true we are all very different, each unique in our own special ways, we do share many things in common.  If there is one … Continue reading

The Care and Feeding of Werewolves

I know what you thinking, no I’m not a little vamp sitting in front of a computer screen typing this to poke fun at shape shifters, I am one I just have a twisted sense of humor. And besides, you clicked on the link didn’t you? So sit back, read … Continue reading

Lycanthropy, Therianthropy, and Me!

Lycanthropy, Therianthropy, and Me! Of all the therians I know, whether in person or on-line, I am the only who has not experienced therianthropic episodes throughout the various stages of my life and psychological development. Instead, I experienced what could more easily be labelled lycanthropic episodes. They are not something … Continue reading

An Introduction to Spiritual Therianthropy – Redux

index What is spiritual therianthropy? So this is some kind of new age religion? What are these collected ideas then? So what does it mean to identify with an animal? Therianthropy and shapeshifting Final Thoughts What is spiritual therianthropy?