Basic Grounding, Shielding & Centering

Time and again I hear people complain of fatigue, weariness, feeling depressed, angry, or upset for no reason and each time I’m reminded of exactly how important grounding, centering and shielding are in a healthy everyday life, but more especially for psi vampires.

These methods are not the only ones out there, they are what I personally use and what I’ve found work for me. Experiment and find what works for you.


I’ll close my eyes, wherever I am, place my feet firmly on the ground and look inwards to the center focal point of my body. For me this is located at my third Chakra, the power chakra located at my solar plexus. (

I’ll envision the power pulling from the rest of my body into this center point, filling it, letting myself focus on that center point letting the energy there steady and calm me.


Grounding should always be started by centering, once you’ve centered, take deep breaths paying close attention to the air as it enters and leaves your body. With each breath in envision clean fresh air entering and with each breath out envision the negative energy, worry, sadness, and whatever else is troubling you exit.

Now let the energy ball at your center root off through your legs and down through your feet into the earth, imagine the earth and rock filtering the energy, you can envision it rooting in water, earth or lava(fire) whichever you prefer. I prefer to envision those roots of energy meeting with lava, cleansing and purifying it before pushing it back up to my body.

I then pull the energy through my body and my chakras where it exits through my crown chakra and into the sky bringing back the calm solitude of the beyond back to my center.

I’ll remain this way letting the energy touch every part of myself removing the old stagnant energy and replacing it with renewed energy.


Shielding is easier then most people will admit or realize, and mostly takes visualization, a little bit of self control, and time and patience. After so many years I shield on a subconscious level, much like knowing how to eat or breath.

Mirrored shields are the most commonly taught type of shields, personally I don’t like to use them, mostly due to the fact that while they’re shiny surfaces are great at deflecting anything, they are also notorious for trapping negative things inside, and deflecting negative things sent at you onto an unsuspecting person.

I often tell people when starting out to imagine colored or elemental shields, a bubble encasing them of a specific color or element. For elemental shields I instruct them to center and ground then pull the energy from a natural source (water, air, earth or fire) up through their body and out their crown chakra like a fountain coating the bubble around them.

For colored shields, they need to focus on that color and project it into the bubble around them, infusing it with its properties.

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