What Is Happening To Me?

These are the most common questions I get asked in e-mails.  So far since we started the House website I have gotten an average of at least one e-mail a day from people asking me whether they are Awakening, describing a couple random symptoms and believing they are becoming vampires … Continue reading

The So Called War Between Vampires and Werewolves

There are some days when it just dosen’t pay to get out of bed. Any day I get asked yet again about the relationship between vampires and werewolves is definitely a good candidate. THis is another of those questions that I get asked constantly enough that I am liable to … Continue reading

The Media and Vampirism: Echoes of a Witch Hunt

First, a disclaimer. I mention Gothic and Vampire culture in the same sentences not as an attempt to lump them together by any means. Yes, the two groups overlap to a SMALL extent and tend to hang out in the same club, but not all goths are vamps,and not all … Continue reading

Sanguine Feeding Lecture

Warning If you are under 18, easily offended or not interested in the topic of bloodplay and it’s safety, you might as well hit the “back” button on your browser and leave now. No insult is meant, this page is simply not for you.  I am only going over feeding methods … Continue reading

Lost to the Beast

Another Kinmate lost to the Beast. Another friend who is now insane and was eaten by the Darkness Within. Even one is far too many, and more is a true tragedy. This makes three that I have known and counted as close friends who fell off that razor-thin path that … Continue reading


Note: I am not a satanist or infernalist (demon worshipper), nor should my practices be stuck under the label of Wicca, as I am not Wiccan, and it would be an insult to that religion’s morals to classify my practices therein. I do not condone or practice human or animal … Continue reading

Gods, Ageless, Vampires & Souls

Many people have asked me in the past if there are such things as “Real” vampires or anything similar to them. The short answer is that there might be, but I cannot say totally accurately. I have on two ccasions met a person who I think could have been such … Continue reading

Genetics Theory for Sanguinarians

The first essay covers the commonly accepted Vampire Virus theory. It also goes throught he process of the Change for vampires. I cannot write on the process of the Change in different races of Otherkin (having no experience with such) but would welcome articles or ideas from such people. The … Continue reading

Death & Dying

In some “primitive” cultures, shamans act as an intermediary between the living and the dead, but mostly between the spirit and flesh, so the living can indeed be assured of life after death and the existence of the spirit world.. Vodoun is an example of a religion such as this … Continue reading