Community – Safety Issues

Preface: I want to thank all of the members of Haven Mercury for their insightful input on this article, especially Chaos who edited this article for me. I am sure you have probably asked yourself “In the 21st century, an age of technology and social diversity, why does it seem like our … Continue reading

Vampirism: Archetypical Imagination

“I searched for the origin of evil, but I searched in a flawed way and did not see the flaw in my very search.” St. Augustine, Confessions. The great attraction of evil spirits, benevolent angels, demons, vampires, faeries etc remains to be a prevalent trait in humanity; the need to … Continue reading

Pyschic/ Pranic/ Energy Vampirism Basics

Energy or “psi” vampires “feed” off of the energy of others as an additional means of sustenance. So what exactly constitutes as feeding? How does an energy vampire feed? Is feeding dangerous? All of these questions will be answered in the paragraphs below. What constitutes as feeding? When an energy … Continue reading