New Layout of Egyptian Deities on the Tree of Life

Lately, I’ve been considering the possibility that Yinepu-Wepwawet (Anubis) may have a patronal role in my life. It’s something that seems likely, given the presence of his iconography in my meditations, and the nature of some of the sparks of inspiration I’ve had regarding esoteric and occult subjects (he is, … Continue reading

Kabbalah and the Kemetic View of the Soul

This is a work in progress for me, but I thought I would post my intial thoughts here for feedback and impressions. For those who don’t know, I believe I have two guides from the Kemetic parthenon: Yinepu-Wepwawet (Anubis) and Set. While it would be possible for me to detail … Continue reading

Lycanthropy, Therianthropy, and Me!

Lycanthropy, Therianthropy, and Me! Of all the therians I know, whether in person or on-line, I am the only who has not experienced therianthropic episodes throughout the various stages of my life and psychological development. Instead, I experienced what could more easily be labelled lycanthropic episodes. They are not something … Continue reading

A Defense of the Art and Science of Metaphysics

The most basic definition of metaphysics is the “branch of speculation which deals with the first causes of things.” The word is derived from the Greek word, metaphysica, which itself is a derivative of ta meta ta physika (the works after the Physics). Such a definition is too simplistic for … Continue reading