The Transformation of the Kitsune

This is something that came to us as a result of much thought, and we are happy to finally be able to compile this into somesort of coherency. This short essay will be broken down into sections to make for easy comprehension and reading, and it is our hope that … Continue reading

On Being a Kitsune, part II

Part two will mostly be focused on what I remember of being a kitsune, and how this applies to me today, for although I am in a human form (and quite content with that as a matter of fact) I consider myself a kitsune still. As with my other memory-related … Continue reading

On Being a Kitsune, part I

The Kitsune, athough one species and race, are all unique, and the experiences of such tend to be varying from person-to-person. The purpose of this essay is not to tell what being a kitsune is like, rather it is to paint a picture on what it is like to be … Continue reading

Reiko: A Personal Experience

My brother and I never considered ourselves ‘kitsune’ in the average sense of the word. In the end the word ‘kitsune’ simply means ‘fox’, or rather the archetypal word associated with any sort of vulpine (or vulpoid) entity found in the myths and writings of Japan. To be precise, we … Continue reading