How I See the World

I thought it might be interesting, for those who have tormented themselves by reading through some of my previous work, to catch a further, perhaps more personal look into my mind. Some may not really care, for how can someone you don’t know change your life by placing a few … Continue reading

Continuation of Spiritual Growth: Beyond Awakening

Broaching the topic of responsibility is something that I think we should all consider in our decision (whether we feel we had one or not) to be vampyres. This responsibility is found in several different places. One of those would be to your family and loved ones. Another would be … Continue reading

Community – Safety Issues

Preface: I want to thank all of the members of Haven Mercury for their insightful input on this article, especially Chaos who edited this article for me. I am sure you have probably asked yourself “In the 21st century, an age of technology and social diversity, why does it seem like our … Continue reading

But I Play One on TV

As a pivotal member of the real vampire community, I am of course keeping a close eye on SciFi Channel‘s new reality TV show, Mad, Mad House. Featuring, among its collection of alternative lifestyle practitioners, the vampire Don Henrie (article), this series has most of the community both frightened and … Continue reading

The Beauty of it All

I have noted that there are times when we sit about and lament about what we are. It is a natural fact of this condition that we become angry or overwhelmed. We get angry because we cannot control it. We get angry because we are ridiculed and laughed at. We … Continue reading

Vampirism: Archetypical Imagination

“I searched for the origin of evil, but I searched in a flawed way and did not see the flaw in my very search.” St. Augustine, Confessions. The great attraction of evil spirits, benevolent angels, demons, vampires, faeries etc remains to be a prevalent trait in humanity; the need to … Continue reading

Why Role-Playing and Real Vampirism Don’t Mix

Throughout the web, you will find many modern vampire sites, and something that is almost universally true about all of these sites, is their dislike and even loathing towards those who role play and play role playing games. Each site has different reasons for why they prefer to not have … Continue reading

Porphyria: Truth & Fiction

Alright. I know I have, and you also might have seen a few articles swimming around the net comparing porphyria to vampires and here’s my skivvy on the whole thing, being a case of porphyria myself. Why am I writing this? Because Duo, who has been surfing around at House … Continue reading

To the Parents of a Sanguinarian

First of all, I am very glad that you have chosen to research this topic to give yourself an educated outlook on your developing child. It is a wonderful gift to have a relationship between your children so open that you’re able to talk about being a sanguinarian. If you … Continue reading

Sanguine Feeding Lecture

Warning If you are under 18, easily offended or not interested in the topic of bloodplay and it’s safety, you might as well hit the “back” button on your browser and leave now. No insult is meant, this page is simply not for you.  I am only going over feeding methods … Continue reading