Lycanthropy, Therianthropy, and Me!

Lycanthropy, Therianthropy, and Me! Of all the therians I know, whether in person or on-line, I am the only who has not experienced therianthropic episodes throughout the various stages of my life and psychological development. Instead, I experienced what could more easily be labelled lycanthropic episodes. They are not something … Continue reading

An Introduction to Spiritual Therianthropy – Redux

index What is spiritual therianthropy? So this is some kind of new age religion? What are these collected ideas then? So what does it mean to identify with an animal? Therianthropy and shapeshifting Final Thoughts What is spiritual therianthropy?

Ways to Help

We are all a part of the vampyre community because it is where we find like minded people, support, companionship, hope, and for some of us, escape from the mundane world we occupy. The time I spend with those whose experiences mirror mine is invaluable. We are able to talk … Continue reading

Vampyric Essence

This particular piece is not intended as a full treatment on my ideas and feelings about this topic. I have a long way to go regarding the interpretation of this meaning in my subjective view. However, as I have always felt, it is my preference to let others know where … Continue reading

Vampyrism and the Walking of Paths

The purpose of this writing is to discuss the vampyric condition and its relation to spirituality. It would seem self evident that vampyrism is a condition of the spirit/soul/Qi or whatever you wish to call it. Some would suggest a physical reason for vampyrism and there are documented medical conditions … Continue reading

The So Called War Between Vampires and Werewolves

There are some days when it just dosen’t pay to get out of bed. Any day I get asked yet again about the relationship between vampires and werewolves is definitely a good candidate. THis is another of those questions that I get asked constantly enough that I am liable to … Continue reading

The Perceptual Impact of Hegemony

I would like to consider returning to the subject of leadership. I realize this discussion has come up a number of times recently and the community may be tiring of the discussion. There is an angle that I feel has not been given it’s due, however, and I would like … Continue reading

The Mradu Road: Managing Id and Ego

In the vampyre community, there appears to be a general consensus that most vampyres, later in their development, eventually follow a road (often referred to as a path). Most vampyres will discover that they have some traits of all of the roads, but generally, each will possess a stronger current … Continue reading

The Media and Vampirism: Echoes of a Witch Hunt

First, a disclaimer. I mention Gothic and Vampire culture in the same sentences not as an attempt to lump them together by any means. Yes, the two groups overlap to a SMALL extent and tend to hang out in the same club, but not all goths are vamps,and not all … Continue reading


Broaching the topic of responsibility is something that I think we should all consider in our decision (whether we feel we had one or not) to be vampyres. This responsibility is found in several different places. One of those would be to your family and loved ones. Another would be … Continue reading