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These days Houses are as common as teenagers wearing pentagrams and calling themselves Wiccans. We are not trying to add another purposeless group to the mix or go on an ego-trip as the “NEXT WAMPHYRHI NATION COUNCIL PRINCE’S SOCIETY, MASTERS AND OVERLORDS”. Our members tend to find those people annoying. Our purpose here is to try to create a combination of things.

First, we want to make as much information available to seekers as possible about a variety of topics including vampirism, therianthropy, and otherkin. Second and most importantly, our goal is to try and help people to come to terms with who and what they are. We also wish to try to teach the different aspects of our culture without being overly favortistic and to make available information on safety and legalities that go with our condition.

We support the missions of many different groups, though we as individuals may not agree with all of their opinions on everything. We highly suggest not taking anything we or any others have to say as holy writ. We truly hope to inspire you to do further research on all these subjects, and form your own opinion based on all available writings on the internet, and in your local library. This is just one side of an infinitely faceted subject, and as such it is not meant to be a final or definitive guide. Please take what works for you and discard the rest.

The curious are welcome, but we do not allow role-players within our organization. Members are welcome to roleplay on their own time, but are expected to leave their characters outside the House and it’s matters.

We believe that their are an infinite variety of paths to be walked and faces that one can wear all are welcome within as long as they show tolerance and respect for each other’s beliefs.

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