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Vampire Houses & Organizations Links

A listing of Houses and Organizations within the community both large and small. The term House is a very loose one, so this page also includes links to different vampire resources and generalized vampire websites. We attempt to be unbiased with the links we provide, we are not responsible for, or endorse any of the information found on any site once you have left the House Eclipse web domain. Submit Your Site
Bloodlines International
- A support forum for blood drinkers, focused on the Sanguinarian/vampiric side of the community.
Bloody Minded
- BLOODLINES(tm) was created as a way to unite vampires/vampyres, donors, were's, witches and those who support us from coast to coast and from the street to the internet.
Darkness Embraced - This site is dedicated to the creatures of the night, the vampire. Here, you will find extensive amounts of information on Vampire myth, legends, real vampires of modern day society. http://www.darkness-embraced.com
Drink Deeply and Dream
- Support and information for real vampires, seekers, and curious. All welcome.
Energy Vampires
- This board provides a more distinct forum for those who are Energy Vampires to discuss their particular issues, concerns, fears, and choices.
Everyman's Vampiric Community
- Everyman's Vampiric Community is a site dedicated to providing a safe haven for real vampires. Sanguinarians, Psi-Vampires, lifestylers and seekers are all welcome here.
Haven Mercury
- Haven Mercury is a website dedicated to understanding, acceptance and education whilist persuing your own spiritual path.
House Caelen
- An online community and independant house.
House Crimson Blade
- House Crimson Blade is a House located in the southern part of Mississippi. HCB has three chapters: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Kansas City, Kansas.
House Cyprean
- House Cyprean, is a "vampire house reborn" with a veiled history.
House DarkStar
- House DarkStar is an on-line and off-line vampyre haven based in Alabama. Our members consist of Sanguine, Psychic, and Hybrid vampyres as well as Donors for the foregoing mentioned vampyric types.
House Kheperu
- House Kheperu is an eclectic spiritual society dedicated to balance, education, and transformation.
House Phoenix Resurrectus
- Vampiric House in Northern Georgia in the United States with the Mission to promote Unity in the vampiric community through acceptance.
House Quinotaur
- A new alternative for real vampires worldwide. Open to all types of real vampires, with numerous support structures and information in place.
House of Rosedrop
- House of Rosedrop is located in Spokane Washington and offers a variety of information on many topics.
Lair of the Hidden
- A website that provides an unbiased appoach to Vampires, Werecreatures, Otherkin, the Fae, as well as the Occult and different types of Magic.
Lizabet's Vault
- Support Vampire/Gothic resources covering all aspects of the vampire.
Ordo Sekhemu
- Ordo Sekhemu is the House of Divine Power. We Sekhrians are occultists, mystics, and scholars who incorporate vampyrism into daily life.
- Support Page for real vampires / blood drinkers / vampiric people seeking support, help, guidance, answers, etc. One of the best available online.
- Sanguinox.com An All Around Vampire Community. Indept forum conversations for psi and sanguine vampires.
- ShadowLore is a network and group for vampires, donors, fae, elves, dragons, otherKin, therians (were-creatures), and witches to meet and get to know one another.
SphynxCat's Real Vampires Support Page
- A support site for real vampires. It is my belief that everyone needs a starting point somewhere, and someone to say they're not alone...
The Coven Organization - The Coven Vampyre Organization is an international Vampire organization for the preservation and prosperity of the Vampyre community and culture.
The Order of the Crimson Tongues
- This Order has been founded upon the idea of preserving (or possibly creating) free speech within Vampyre / Vampire Communities.
The Temple of the Vampire
- The Temple is an international church devoted to the Vampire religion, legally registered with the U.S. federal government since 1989.
Vampires AMOK
- Group for real vampires, blood drinkers, sanguinarians, and donors who live in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas.
Vampires Amoung Us
- Vampires/vampyres in every form of their being; real life, fiction, folklore and roleplay. Covering all realms and aspects of the genre. Everything about vampires you could ever wish to know in more.
The Vampire Church
- The Vampire Church acts as a haven for people to find others, and also acts as a resource for information, on vampirism.
Vampire/Donor Alliance
- The Vampire/Donor Alliance is a support group, and often, a rather loose and discordian social club.
- VTK is a community website catering for the vampyre,goth and industrial scenes. We offer free email, galleries of our cute vamp/goth/fetish girls, forums, and chatrooms.
- Home of your friendly neighbourhood vampire vixen. Featuring Vampire Fandom Information and an Active Forum.
Vampyre Almanac
- VampyreAlmanac.com is to bring you "V" - a book about the dark path, teachings and traditions of Strigoi Vii (living vampyrism).
Vampyre Society
- a home for real Vampyres and like-minded individuals, to share with others the experiences of this life, and also to learn from one another.