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Comprehensive Vampire Community Dictionary
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Comprehensive Vampire Community Dictionary

Terms with an asterisk were altered from their original posted form to be more all encompassing and less exclusive of the opinions of other groups.

Each term listed is followed by groups using the word primarily. All words listing Sanguinarius, Catherine Nightpoe, House Quinotaur, The Sanguinarium, House Eclipse or the Illuminatti or any other group are copyrighted to their specific group or to an individual or individuals and no copyright infringement is intended.

In cases where more than one group is listed, each seperate definition of a word is listed next to the grouop that uses it. Some words are used by more than one group and copyrighted with the same definition on both pages as part of seperate glossaries. I have done my best to research who had what term first. Thus the first listed seems to have come up with a definition before those after it adopted the definition.

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